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What is UR assessment of Sheriff: ACORN Targeting Me Taxpayer Money To Pay For Rev. Al Sharpton’s Valley Visit?

Question by ❶•☆•xXx•☆— BOMB ♥ SHELL☆•xXx•☆•❶: What is UR assessment of Sheriff: ACORN Targeting Me Taxpayer Money To Pay For Rev. Al Sharpton’s Valley Visit?
PHOENIX — Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has launched an investigation into embattled community action group ACORN to see whether the organization is behind a federal lawsuit against him.

According to Arpaio, ACORN is secretly behind Melendres v. Arpaio, which alleges Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies engaged in racial profiling.

His attorneys issued subpoenas Thursday to the organization’s Washington, D.C. offices, even though ACORN’s headquarters are in Louisiana.

The subpoenas ask for any correspondence relating to the Melendres case between ACORN and Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, the Department of Homeland Security, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund and the law firm representing the plaintiffs.ACORN’s Arizona director Monica Sandshaefer denied her organization’s involvement.

“Some other organizations are (involved) — we are not,” she said. “Frankly, we were caught a little bit off guard by the subpoena. It seems very nonsensical to us.”

Arpaio also said he wants to know if ACORN paid for Rev. Al Sharpton’s Valley visit.

Sharpton visited the Valley during the summer and, standing next to ACORN director Bertha Lewis, demanded the sheriff’s resignation.

“You don’t think Al Sharpton goes anywhere without being paid?” Arpaio said. “So who pays him?”

Arpaio wants to know if ACORN, which receives less than 10 percent of its income from the federal government, used taxpayers’ money to bring Sharpton to the Valley.

“We’re going to prove it,” the sheriff said. “We’re going in and going to find every penny they spent against this sheriff to keep me from fighting the illegal immigration.”

Sandshaefer said the organization receives the majority of its funds from grassroots efforts. In fact, the recent U.S. House of Representatives vote freezing the group’s federal funding will not affect the Arizona branch at all, since it receives no money from the government.

Arpaio said the timing of the subpoenas had nothing to do with the recent release of videos showing ACORN members offering tax assistance to people who described themselves as a “pimp” and a prostitute.

“We have to prepare for trial, so I don’t care what’s happening with all these undercover videos,” the sheriff said. “(The videos have) no bearing on what they’ve been doing here locally.”

Sandshaefer disagreed.

“This is really about Sheriff Joe attempting to get onto the ‘Bash ACORN’ bandwagon” to distract people from the issue at hand, she said.

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Answer by Kize
This does not surprise me at all. most said for a long time how corrupt acorn was, and the proof was right out in front of them to see. I am glad it is finally coming out about these groups such as this.

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