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What is Shreveport, Louisiana like? I am moving there from Ohio, and everyone sais I will be in for a culture?

shock………Is this true?

kinda but then again not really because a lot of the original people are gone. i’m pretty sure u will see a lot though. the culture is different but it’s really wonderful.

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Denham Springs Pilot Travel Center

Just insane. I provide the play by play…

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what style of music is louisiana known for?


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Economic Impact of Louisiana Tourism

Louisiana Tourism IS Economic Development

Theres nothing bland about Louisiana Tourism. Our culture and history are intertwined with our food and music. We live to eat and after experiencing our distinctive cuisine, visitors understand why. Weve known all along that Louisiana is a restaurant with a remarkable cultural menu, and the world has an insatiable appetite.

Brought to you by The Louisiana Travel Promotion Association:

and the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism:

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World Cultural Economic Forum | WCEF

The World Cultural Economic Forum (WCEF) takes place throughout Louisiana in October with
three key components including a two-day Forum in New Orleans Oct. 30-31 for global cultural
economy leaders to discuss best practices for growing cultural industries; a World Bazaar and
Marketplace showcasing artisans and vendors from around the world in the Ernest N. Morial
Convention Center Oct. 30-Nov. 1; and the Passport Events across the state throughout October showcasing all of Louisianas unique cultural assets.

The core segments of the cultural economy include design, entertainment (film, music, live entertainment, and performing arts), literary arts and humanities, visual arts, culinary arts, and historic preservation.

The WCEF will shine the light on Louisianas cultural industries and showcase its unique heritage and cultural assets while at the same time welcoming national and international visitors for a global dialogue on the world cultural economy.

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is there any good sources for mardi gras festival in louisiana?

I am president of French culture. the topic this week is Louisiana. i was wandering if there were anything cool to know about culture like Mardi Gras.

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Posted by admin - May 31, 2015 at 6:13 am

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the Creole Gumbo, a Louisiana Photo gallery

A slide show presentation of the Cultural and Heritage of the World wide Creole People especially the Louisiana Creoles and a Photo gallery of Our Creole and Mulatto women…

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Tiger in Louisiana

happynathan, Louisiana, travel, truck, stopTiger in Louisiana

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mail travel form utah to louisiana in how many days?

i have been waiting on some mail from utah so i want to know how many days for mail to travel from there to alexandria louisiana 71301

2-3 days

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Talking about our vacation to my Grandmother’s

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