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Is this a normal situation for a college student?

Question by Chicken: Is this a normal situation for a college student?
I was just thinking today about what I’m gonna do when college is over and wondered if something like this actually happens in “real life”

but I have grown up in Mississippi and Louisiana and attend school 30 minutes away from my home in Mississippi

Might a college graduate from a “no-where” state move to another state for a new experience and possibly end up staying there their whole lives because either they find a great job, relationship or whatever?

Or maybe just move somewhere for the experience for a year or so then move back?

is that normal? or just a dream that people have but never actually make it come true?

ps. i dont hate mississippi or anything. its just something i was thinking about and see if its an ideal thing to do. Im thinking i would go to some place random like ohio…or virginia….and possibly not so random like Florida. but probably not California or New York…i dont think id know how to live in places like that(love to visit but not live)

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Posted by mark - August 5, 2014 at 8:56 am

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