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What is the “shelf life” for raw oysters?

Question by Rhoda: What is the “shelf life” for raw oysters?
I live in Oklahoma. A buddy of mine went out on a shrimp boat in Louisiana on Saturday 6-20-09 and got a lot of raw oysters … iced them down on the boat and them kept them iced while he drove back to Oklahoma. I picked them up from him on Sunday 6-21-09 and have them refrigerated. My question is — I intend on eating them raw. How long will they stay “good” in my refrigerator? I don’t want to get shellfish poisoning!! I have eaten raw oysters in restaurants all my life and love them — but I don’t know their “shelf-life” insofar as my refrigerator is concerned. Anybody know???

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Answer by saraparker
I would eat them ASAP, you don’t want to risk getting sick from bad shellfish!!

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