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Southeastern Louisiana Sports Report – Episode 4 Part 2

The show continues with men’s basketball coach Jim Yarbrough and senior guard Trent Hutchin. Later, Michael Rheams and Lacey Sanchez preview the indoor track and field season. Finally, golf coach Tim Baldwin offers a tip in our “Learn from the Lions” segment. Missed part 1? Watch it here:
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Jock Smart Hollinger Sports Fest – Part 6

Jock Smart Sports Festival, Beyond eligibility to excellence. Cajundome Convention Center – Filmed and edited by James J Duhon. Achieving Academic Excellence (Raising the academic standard GPA for high school athletics.) Myron Rolle, Curtis Hollinger, McKinley Rolle, Dwayne Murray, Paul Pastorek, DeWayne Bowie, Rep. Ricky Hardy, Greg Lafleur, Todd Scott, NFL, Janet Hiatt, Greg Davis, Kalif Spraggins, D’Adre Hawthorne, Joe Miceli, Dorian Durald, Ronald Brown, Hai’keen Preston, Marcus Allen, Brandon Shelvin, Ray Authement PHD, Cottanham Cup, Danny Cottonham, Sydney Grider – Cottonham Cup Winner, Southern University Athletics, University of Louisiana Lafayette Athletics, Louisiana Academics, Raising the standard GPA for athletics

A short documentary about the history of Louisiana Football Magazine.

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Join Chefs Adolfo Garcia of Rio Mar Restaurant and Richard Hughes of The Pelican Club as they fish Lake Pontchartrain with Capt. Kenny Kreeger for a variety of fish then return to their restaurants to cook their catch in the new TV show “Bait to the Plate”.

Watch a 6 Year Old Pizza Instructor on the Cajun TV Network, Baby Kade Makes a Pizza Video! See other Videos on Cajun Cooking at Contact us at to share your Cajun Kitchens Cooking Videos!!

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Southeastern Louisiana Sports Report – Episode 4 Part 1

Host Chris Mycoskie talks with Southeastern athletic director Bart Bellairs, women’s basketball head coach Lori Davis Jones and junior guard Kelli Jenkins. Watch part 2:
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Join Chefs Tory McPhail of Commander’s Palace and Chuck Subra of La Cote Brasserie as they fish the local waters of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans with Capt. Kenny Kreeger in the TV series, “Bait to the Plate”. The Chefs then return to their restaurant to make a delicious Southern seafood delicacy.
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The Cajuns of Southwest Louisiana still retain the language, camaraderie and old world spirit of their French-speaking Acadian ancestors. Les Blank’s ( film captures the intense bravado and vitality of their lives, in scenes such as quarter horse racing, coffee roasting, accordion building, cooking and eating supper along with the intoxicating music of the Balfa Brothers, Marc Savoy, Nathan Abshire and others.
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Creole Common Routes; St.Domingue (Haiti) – Louisiana Part 1

From the pots of red beans and rice bubbling in French Quarter restaurants to the amulet bags for sale in neighborhood botanicas, Haitian influence is seen, heard and tasted across this city. French colonists from Saint-Domingue — later renamed Haiti — had traveled to New Orleans since the early 1700s. That connection flourished in 1809 and 1810, when 10,000 refugees arrived in New Orleans from Saint-Domingue. Those numbers were later strengthen with another migration wave of 15,000 in the 1820s. The refugees were a combination of French colonists, their slaves and free people of color who had fled the slave uprisings.The refugees doubled the city’s population and infused New Orleans with Franco-Caribbean traditions, including theater companies, elaborate dances and black political activists. Also, as Saint-Domingue’s lucrative sugarcane fields burned during the revolution there, New Orleans’ sugar industry soared. A lot of the things about New Orleans we view as unique came from those Haitian refugees. New Orleans is the most Haitian city in America, much more than Miami or New York. Essentially all of the surviving whites (along with some of the gens de couleur) became refugees. Approximately 10,000 French refugees came to the Gulf Coast larger than the population of New Orleans and Mobile at the time (8,000 and 810 respectively). These Saint-Dominguens made a significant contribution to the Gulf Coasts creole culture. Saint-Dominguens included John James Audubon, Louis Moreau Gottschalks family, and (likely) Marie Laveau and Jean Laffitte. Black refugees to Louisiana brought with them elements of African and Haitian culture in the form of voodoo/hoodoo practices, shotgun house architecture, and the language, oral traditions, and dance steps of Mardi Gras Indian rites.

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