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GRITtv: Courtney Young: BP Threatens Louisiana Culture

We may now have reached a period of national and global fatigue over the havoc wreaked by the spill. But as someone from Louisiana, I can attest that the disaster is very much pulsating through the daily lives of millions of people in the area. Though Louisiana is not the only place affected, it was certainly one of the most hardest hit by the disaster. Even after the hole is plugged, the damage done will last for decades, generations. A complete way of life, culture is under attack and it’s vital that we, as a nation, do not lose our sense of commitment to one of the most vital cultural traditions in the United States. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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Posted by mark - January 28, 2017 at 10:57 am

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*SHOCK* Louisiana culture at risk? Angry Time Magazine reporter says don’t be depressed about that!

MSNBC, July 29, 2010 at 5:30 p.m.

Rather interesting behavior by a ‘reporter’ who uses BP employees and federal contractors as sources. (at 0:52 in)

(Headline takes place at 4:30 in)

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What is the “shelf life” for raw oysters?

Question by Rhoda: What is the “shelf life” for raw oysters?
I live in Oklahoma. A buddy of mine went out on a shrimp boat in Louisiana on Saturday 6-20-09 and got a lot of raw oysters … iced them down on the boat and them kept them iced while he drove back to Oklahoma. I picked them up from him on Sunday 6-21-09 and have them refrigerated. My question is — I intend on eating them raw. How long will they stay “good” in my refrigerator? I don’t want to get shellfish poisoning!! I have eaten raw oysters in restaurants all my life and love them — but I don’t know their “shelf-life” insofar as my refrigerator is concerned. Anybody know???

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Answer by saraparker
I would eat them ASAP, you don’t want to risk getting sick from bad shellfish!!

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Amazing Food is Everywhere in Louisiana

Who Dat Sya They Gonna Eat Dem Oysters?Fantastic food is one of the most beloved cultural blessing we live with in Louisiana.

Oysters are a staple in the French Quarter. Check out our food section for great restaurant reviews.

Who Dat say dey gonna eat dem Oysters?

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