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Mixed Race and Mulatto Women of Beauty ( the other People of African Ancestry )

Mixed Race and Mulatto Women of Beauty

Mixed Race and Mulatto Women of Beauty

Mixed Race and Mulatto Women of Beauty

A Video slide show of Our Mixed Race Women who are Equally Proud of their African and Mixed Race heritage..Beauty that occurs when Races Collide..In time Humanity will be as one

Duration : 0:10:53

What is the definition of Creoles, Mulattos, mixed Race People: Mixed Race and Mulatto Women of Beauty

At the Congress of Angostura in 1819, liberator Simon Bolivar was elected president of Venezuela and planned a strategy that would free the Americas of European domination.

He also found it necessary to clarify America’s racial heritage: “”It is impossible to say to which human family we belong.

The larger part of the Native population has disappeared, Europeans have mixed with the Indians and the Negroes, and Negroes have mixed with the Indians.

We were all born of one mother America, though our fathers had different origins, and we all have differently colored skins. This dissimilarity is of the greatest significance.”

   The 1920s estimate that a third of African Americans have Indian blood requires new research. Today just about every African-American family tree has an Indian branch.

The number of Afro-Americans with an Indian ancestor was once estimated at about one third of the total. In Latin America the percentage is much higher.

This means that an important page in history has been missing. Three great races – red, white, and black – built the Americas together. Their contributions and their interrelationships have filled libraries with scholarly studies, history texts, and novels.

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***LOUISIANA RESIDENTS*** What is your opinion of the grants for grads program?

I’ve read a lot and did a some research, now I would like to know the opinion of the citizens. The Grants for Grads Program is established in recognition that many Louisiana’s residents relocate from Louisiana upon completion of their college careers due to a perceived lack of economic opportunity. Homeownership reflects a commitment to remain in Louisiana and continue the tradition and culture of the state.

The grants for grads awards any Louisiana resident who has received an associate, baccalaureate, masters/postgraduate degree on or after January 1, 2008 and was:

As a LA resident I have been very aware of the outflow of LA college graduates. I have never heard of this program, but I see the need for it and I will definitely look into it.

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Have you ever been to Louisiana? What is your opinion of the state?

What did you SEE or DO or EAT that helped form your opinion of the state??? What part did you visit? I have heard that Northern Louisiana is not really “Louisiana” culture for what the state is know for. What was your favorite part of this state?? Thanks, any help is appreciated, I am doing research.

Ain’t ever been there

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James Winfiled CD presentation at the Louisiana Music Factory

Some cool Louisiana Music images:

James Winfiled CD presentation at the Louisiana Music Factory

Image by Dieter Karner

Louisiana Music Factory

Image by DavidKâ
210 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA 70130. Le meilleur disquaire du monde… Soul , R&B, Jazz, Cajun, Zydeco, Gospel, Blues. Cd’s et LP’s.

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Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones. Captain Shreve High School, 2006. Shreveport, Louisiana.

Duration : 0:7:26

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Louisiana, USA – For a Great Vacation

No other state in the USA has as colorful a history as Louisiana.

It has been governed under 10 different Flags and it became an independent republic for six weeks before joining immediately joining the Confederacy.

In 1803 President Jefferson knew the importance of trade and this state’s economy, so he charted a deal with Napoleon.

Due to its fertile lands and solid trading opportunities, Louisiana soon became the wealthiest state in the US and promoted the growth of cotton and sugar.

Agriculture suffered badly during the civil war, but with sulfur found in 1869 and oil in 1901, the state became a hub in the oil and natural gas industry and it stays that way even today.

The main content at Audubon State Historic Site is Oakley House complete with boarding facilities for you to stay.

After finalizing its permanent boundary, Fort Jesup State Historic Site was built in 1822 and remained a military post for almost 25 years. It served the purpose of defense for the American Military forces during war with the Mexicans.

Plaquemine Lock State Historic Site was built to control the wild waters of Mississippi River. They were a bane for the traders and as it used to flood the low lying areas. To control them, the Lock was fabricated and when completed in 1909, it was the only Lock in the world to lift water up to 51 feet.

Today it has become an irresistible site for the tourists.

America’s large American Rose Center Gardens have huge pines and different roses for smelling.

Louisiana’s largest water theme park, Blue Bayou Water Park has watery games and amenities for you to indulge in.

With animals in a garden like situation, Greater Baton Rouge Zoo has lots of reptiles too. Why not take a train ride to see them.

Aquarium of the Americans, one of the best 5 Aquariums in the USA has millions of gallons full of Gulf of Mexico water. It has the largest collection of sharks and jellyfish in the world.

At Poverty Point State Historic Park you will find the native earthworks of people who lived here 12 centuries before Christ and the museum offers a guided tour.

Los Adaes used to be the focal point of native Americans, the Spanish and also the French. They used to stay and trade with each other at various points.

This 14 acres site was built by the Spanish in the 1700s and it provides full historical and archaeological knowledge of the time.

How about going aboard the Paddle Wheeler Creole Queen for a cruise trip and then enjoy great music, dinner, jazz and atmosphere.

Bayou Segnette State Park is full of enjoyable pastimes based around water activities and you can watch wildlife. Keep your eyes open for different types of birds and animals while you go about having your fun.

Fontainebleau State Park derives its name from a Paris forest by the same name. It was created by a sugar producer in 1829 and you can still see the brick ruins of sugar mills today.

You can also see the lavish lifestyle that he used to live in. This area is constructed around Lake Pontchartrain.

Jackie Mansfield

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Cool “Louisiana Life” images

A few nice Louisiana Life images I found:

Oleander Bloom

Image by Mr. Greenjeans

life saver

Image by Leo Reynolds
Natchez steamer, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Image by austins_irish_pirate
My family in Louisiana lives off these things… and squirrels–but mostly these.

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History of the Zydeco Rubboard – MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies

MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies tell the story of the Zydeco Rubboard (Frottoir) in every performance. Mister MOJO and his best friend, Tee Don Landry (whose daddy made the first Zydeco Rubboard for Clifton Chenier), documented the history of the first Zydeco Rubboard. Tee Don still makes Zydeco Rubboards in the tradition of his daddy. Two of his rubboards are in The Smithsonian. The Zydeco Rubboard is unique to Southwest Louisiana music, and serves as a global icon for Louisiana Culture. To learn more history, visit .

CORRECTION! This was a LIVE performance, and Mister MOJO mis-stated a fact: There are actually a few more instruments invented in America (e.g., steam calliope, monophonic synthesizer, and others). Mister MOJO should have said “the Zydeco Rubboard is one of only a few instruments invented in America”. Apologies to other inventors and their fans.

Duration : 0:1:0

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John Carey & Piano Bob @ Louisiana Music Factory 2010 – PT 1

CDs Available @ Link Below
Louisiana Music Factory Instore
Ponderosa Stomp Pre-Party Continues
Saturday, September 25, 2010
John Carey – vocals, harmonica
Piano Bob – piano
Marc Stone – guitar

Duration : 0:10:46

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What food is famous in the area where you live?

I lived in Louisiana, and they have the best seafood ever, and cajun cooking. Now I live in Washington, and seafood is really big here too. Salmon the most.
Oh, I LOVE Carne Asada and Fish Tacos. I used to live in San Diego, and that’s the only place that has those (made right). And orange juliuses

seafood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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