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This film is based on the original Swamp Cooking cookbooks by Dana Holyfield,
Preserving a unique way of life in Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp. The cookbooks contain a collection of Swamp Country Recipes along with colorful photographs that give you a glimpse of the way things are done on the Pearl River Bayou. These Swampers know how to hunt and fish for survival and for fun, then unwind with a little homegrown music to get the fish frying and invite a few friends over for a bite to eat. All they need is a boat to get there. The recipe ingredients include; crawfish, alligator, turtle, catfish, deer, frogs, wild boar, crab, shrimp, nutira, and any other critters found in the Louisiana swamp.

The “Swamp Cooking” song lyrics were written by Dana Holyfield and the music and voice was written and recorded by Carlo Ditto at Orleans Records. All rights reserved.

Duration : 0:4:56

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