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Legendary Louisiana restaurant suffers after BP spill.

By Alastair Good in the Gulf of Mexico.
Brigtsen’s in Uptown New Orleans has served the finest Cajun food for 16 years but now owner and chef Frank Brigtsen is seeing a drop in custom after the BP spill in the Gulf.
“We’re down 25% on our usual summer bookings,’ explains Brigtsen, ‘questions have been put in people’s minds about whether this seafood is safe ? Where has it come from?”

As a New Orleans native the main worry for Brigtsen, despite the fact he acknowledges he’s losing money every day he opens, is for the people who depend on him and on the Gulf fishing waters in general.

“Down here it’s a long and complex distribution chain from the sea to the food we serve and that chain has been severely weakened by this disaster.”

It’s a worry that has taken it’s toll on Brigtsen physically and emotionally, he admits to months of not sleeping properly and on the night I visit him he’s just returned from a visit to the chiropractor.

His restaurant will survive, it’s reputation is too good for it to fold, but even Brigtsen wonders how many more disasters the Louisiana people can cope with.

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GRITtv: Courtney Young: BP Threatens Louisiana Culture

We may now have reached a period of national and global fatigue over the havoc wreaked by the spill. But as someone from Louisiana, I can attest that the disaster is very much pulsating through the daily lives of millions of people in the area. Though Louisiana is not the only place affected, it was certainly one of the most hardest hit by the disaster. Even after the hole is plugged, the damage done will last for decades, generations. A complete way of life, culture is under attack and it’s vital that we, as a nation, do not lose our sense of commitment to one of the most vital cultural traditions in the United States. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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The so called conservation groups like the cca have made stopping the commercial fishing into a big money making business with the donations from the public that does not know what is really going on and government grants for their bad data on the fish. Please do not believe all their lies about the fish and the commercial fishermen. THE ONLY ENDANGERED SPECIES IS THE COMMERCIAL FISHERMEN It’s all about numbers. In Louisiana sports fishermen out number Commercial Fishermen at least 400 to 1 on any given day.This is just one boat ramp out of 100’s.In Florida and Texas the ratio is even worse. Do the Math, Who is catching more fish?In my eyes I know that sport fishermen are taking more of the fish population and trying to stop the Commercial Fishing way of life for their greed. 100 head of fish makes a good day of Commercial Fishing.If only a 1000 sports a day go fishing for Red Fish or any fish and catch 5 of them that is 5000 head and at 10 pounds a fish is50,000 pounds of fish but there is way more than 1000 sports fishing a day in the Gulf of Mexico is more like 400,000 or 500,000on the weekend. we the Commercial fishing are being wipe out for NO REASON. I am not against recreational fishing at all some are great fishermen it’s just that the public needs to be educated that there is millions of recreational fishermen and only a few thousand commercial fishermen…DO THE MATH! READ MY CHANNEL INFO.

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