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Sticky: Subrosan Casts Matthew Talbot As Miguel

New Orleans


There is always something happening in New Orleans. But now there is an anticipation in the streets and excitment in the air about something new and different for NOLA thrill seekers. The buzz is contagious and people are talking up a storm about the exciting new web series Subrosan set here in New Orleans.  You may have seen previous posts about the show everyone is waiting to see.  Just in recent weeks they have announced casting decisions on some crucial roles. Auditions have been set in New Orleans for the remaining five speaking roles and filming is about to begin on the first episode.  One such announcement is that of Matthew Talbot in the role of Miguel.  Check out the following press release on Matthew and visit for the skinny on the talented cast of characters and the roles they play in this thrilling ride through the twists and turns of the New Orleans French Quarter and the Subrosan culture.

by Sharon Denise Talbot

What the producers said:  The producers of Subrosan are thrilled to announce that Matthew Talbot has been cast in the role of Miguel for the debut season.

The complex role of Miguel requires physical gifts as well as strong acting skills. We feel Matt will deliver the goods as both an actor and as an impossibly cruel enforcer. We had some interesting meetings about the Miguel character – how do you cast a baby-faced murderer? When Matt stepped up for the role – taking on the language challenges and the complexities of his characters hopeless duality – we knew we had a winner.

You can learn more about Matthew Talbot and his role as Miguel on his feature page.

“Miguel es un hombre peligroso”
“‘Cause he’s a dangerous man. He’s got blood in his plans
Better watch out where you stand, ‘Cause he’s a dangerous man
He’ll make you believe that he’s your friend, But don’t forget it’s just pretend
And he’s a dangerous man….. ”   Trust No One… Believe Nothing

Matthew Talbot is a man of many hats and looking to Matthew Talbot is Migueladd a few more to his collection. This former football and golf athlete as well as a soccer standout is a recent graduate of Iowa High School and will be attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in the fall in Pre-Pharmacy.

Matt already holds his certification as a Pharmacy Tech and is in the Honors program at ULL. He will be pursuing a business degree before finishing up his Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Following his parents to New Orleans after graduation Matt has discovered the film industry in what is now known as Hollywood South.

Always looking for the next challenge, his new goal is to make the leap from background and stand-in to serious acting. Matt is very social and outgoing and thrives on the energy of being on set. While school comes first and he is not looking to be famous, when he looks back on his life he wants to be able to say “I did what I set out to do.”

Join us for Subrosan. You’ll be changed forever.


Keep your eyes open New Orleans.  Trust No One…. Believe Nothing…..


New Orleans

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Sticky: New Orleans Casting Call for Subrosan Episode One

New Orleans


Hey y’all! This is for you aspiring actors out there in Hollywood South aka New Orleans/ Baton Rouge area. Check out the casting call in New Orleans for the wicked new series called Subrosan – The Series. See the annoucement below for role info. There are still roles available for Episode One, so visit to get on board. If you can’t make it for the first episode call don’t sweat it, episode two will be shooting shortly after. The Subrosan Entertainment Group is now casting the following parts for Episode One of Subrosan the Series. We are a group of actors, writers and creative production folks are who putting together our own dramatic series written and produced in Louisiana. Shooting for Episode One begins in August-September. Locations are in New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. Since this is a super low budget project, compensation for these roles will be meals and credit only. They are all speaking roles (yes even the mime). You will receive meals and credit.

MALE TOURIST (40-60) Typical middle aged yuppie tourist – arrogant Northerner. Demanding but very superstitious.

BETH (25-35) Cute thirty-something single mom. Trainee in Private Investigative work. She is smart but gullible.

GALLERY OWNER (50-60) Anton: Accomplished 50?s gallery owner and benefactor of young male artists in New Orleans. He is robust and flamboyant.

CARD READER (30-50) A well worn busker in the French Quarter. Tarot card reader. Strong Creole features with street smart attitude.

MIME (20-50) French Quarter mime. Can be male or female but looking for interesting style. Must be able to deliver lines while in mime character pose. Auditions will be held in New Orleans on July 26th and 27th during business hours. Please send a headshot and resume (no matter how simple) to

We may also have a follow up audition in Baton Rouge if we can’t cast all parts from the New Orleans auditions.


New Orleans

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