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Louisiana Culinary Trails – Bayou Bounty

French is the language of cooking in Cajun Country, where French Acadians from Nova Scotia settled after being exiled by the British in 1755. Some of Louisiana’s most famous foods are identified with this region – gumbo, boudin, étouffée, andouille, tasso, jambalaya, and boiled crawfish.

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Louisiana Culinary Institute (LCI)

Louisiana Culinary Institute is the premeir culinary school of the South. Producing world class chefs is what we do. Call or email us with any questions or inquires and come tour our brand new 30,000 sq ft state-of-the-art- facility 877-769-8820 or

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Jamie Wax and Jacquelyn Cole Explore Louisiana’s Culinary Trails!

Jamie and Jacquelyn are a couple who love to eat and love to travel. They are Louisiana natives who’ve experienced cultures and cuisines all over the world, but keep coming back to their home state for the food, the fun, and the people. Come along with them as they travel the seven culinary trails of Louisiana, one meal at a time.

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Culinary Travels – Spicy Louisiana

It’s Cajun Country on this week’s show for a look at the people, places, and spices that form the backbone of this stick-to-your-ribs cooking. Nothing’s more authentic than Cajun cuisine, and no company’s more attached to the area and its food than Tony Chachere. Founded by local native Tony Chachere in Opaslousas, Louisiana, the company has become synonymous with Cajun cooking. We’ll sample the spices, see the fare at a local festival, and in general, whoop it up in Cajun Country!

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