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Legendary Louisiana restaurant suffers after BP spill.

By Alastair Good in the Gulf of Mexico.
Brigtsen’s in Uptown New Orleans has served the finest Cajun food for 16 years but now owner and chef Frank Brigtsen is seeing a drop in custom after the BP spill in the Gulf.
“We’re down 25% on our usual summer bookings,’ explains Brigtsen, ‘questions have been put in people’s minds about whether this seafood is safe ? Where has it come from?”

As a New Orleans native the main worry for Brigtsen, despite the fact he acknowledges he’s losing money every day he opens, is for the people who depend on him and on the Gulf fishing waters in general.

“Down here it’s a long and complex distribution chain from the sea to the food we serve and that chain has been severely weakened by this disaster.”

It’s a worry that has taken it’s toll on Brigtsen physically and emotionally, he admits to months of not sleeping properly and on the night I visit him he’s just returned from a visit to the chiropractor.

His restaurant will survive, it’s reputation is too good for it to fold, but even Brigtsen wonders how many more disasters the Louisiana people can cope with.

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Tide of Tears: The Collapse of the Cajun Coast

Tide of Tears is a sobering expose’ of a culture teetering on the edge of extinction and what the United States stands to lose if nothing is done to save it.

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Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana Travel Guide Video – Gulf Coast Video

Watch our travel guide video and enjoy an enticing overview of various Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana tourist attractions that you’ll discover during your stay at affordable, comfortable Gulf Coast Ramada Hotels.

Lol a few funny things in this one: “despite what you may have heard…” & when the lady blows that powder in the guy’s face! Haha
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Life on the Mama Doll

On the show we will explore the “North Coast of the Caribbean” from the Bahamas, Florida Keys, Gulf Coast to the Yucatan. Maybe someday even Cuba will open up for U.S. visitors. With the help of local guides we will catch, harvest or otherwise obtain the freshest local seafood or game and cook on board with the best chefs from the area. The chef maybe a real star or might just be our Bahama bonefish guide’s Mom who makes the best conch chowder on the island. If we had a special guest like Jimmy Buffet we might just let the shrimp boil and drink margaritas, but every episode will feature tasting the regional culture through food.

On “Life on the Mama Doll” the boat allows us to stay in the rich estuarine environment between the ocean and land, enjoying the natural beauty, people and food.

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