Louisiana Rebirth – Thank You America

From the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism, we thank you America!

Duration : 0:1:6

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REBIRTH BRASS BAND @ Louisiana Music Factory JazzFest 2007

CDs Available @ Link Below


Rebirth Brass Band
Louisiana Music Factory
Jazz Fest In Stores 2007

Duration : 0:9:35

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Theresa Andersson @ LMF 2008 PT2

CDs Available @ Link Below


Theresa Andersson
Louisiana Music Factory In-Store
September 6, 2008

Duration : 0:10:36

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Hurricane Rita Wikipedia travel guide video. Created by http://stupeflix.com

Create your own video on http://studio.stupeflix.com/?w=1 ! Hurricane
Rita encountering the Gulf Loop Current and Eddy Vortex. Hurricane Rita
making its final landfall. Evacuees on Interstate 45 leaving Houston on
September 21. Motorists stranded on Highway 60 during Hurricane Rita
evacuation. Hurricane Rita Rainfall. Storm surge damage from Rita.
Trailer moved onto road in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Damage from Rita
in Shreveport, Louisiana, by then a Tropical Storm. Two satellite
images showing the extent of flooding caused by Rita in Louisiana and
Texas. Church in Beaumont with roof ripped off by Hurricane Rita. Photo
by Steve Buser. From the Department of Energy, the path of Hurricane
Rita and the site of refineries in the Texas and Louisiana area.

Duration : 0:1:3

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Zydeco and Cajun Music Louisiana

The infectious beats of these two musical styles have prompted people to get up and dance for generations. Find out what it is that makes these Louisiana music genres so special.

Duration : 0:5:56

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Jamie Wax and Jacquelyn Cole Explore Louisiana’s Culinary Trails!

Jamie and Jacquelyn are a couple who love to eat and love to travel. They are Louisiana natives who’ve experienced cultures and cuisines all over the world, but keep coming back to their home state for the food, the fun, and the people. Come along with them as they travel the seven culinary trails of Louisiana, one meal at a time.

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Louisiana Tailgating

A package I produced and voiced for the Kent State Sports Network on tailgating among Louisiana-Lafayette fans.

Duration : 0:3:6

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What is the BEST place to go (travel) for a 21st Birthday?!!!?

Iam from Louisiana and I am planning a 21st birthday party for me and my 6 friends, i need where i can get a good group planner fot the trip and the best place to go with all the good stuff like beaches, shops, clubs and other incentives. we’re all in college so we love the night life, so im looking for a really nice (wild) 21st birthday party with the works. I am plannning to leave around May maybe the 2nd week or the 3rd week to go …..so help me with good travels deals or help send me to an agent or a site with a good knowledge of travel deals for small groups. thanks
ps: I broadened the topic because someone suggested that i look into other countries rather than just stickin to the islands but also if staying in the US is good, tell me, and where please!!! THANKS!!!

Well it really depends on what your looking for. I live in NJ so NYC wouldn’t really be a choice for me but you will enjoy it. And trust me I’m a big party girl, THERE’S NO PARTY LIKE A NYC PARTY!!!! Also you got Miami, it’s hott down there. The beaches, the parties, and the guys. There’s a lot of places you can go, don’t forget the islands…..

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Any paranormal investigators who live near or in Shreveport Louisiana or Barksdale Louisiana?

A sudden death in the family happened there in Louisiana and I can’t afford to travel that far. I would like a paranormal investigation to check the spot where the death happened. if anyone can help I would be very grateful.

No. I am sorry for your loss, but unfortunately for your circumstances there is no such thing. Well, there are of course people who make absurd claims of being able to investigate such things, but I am sorry to tell you that in reality, one cannot perform any such tasks outside of a movie studio.

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New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast 02 23 11

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast New Orleans weather 10 day forecast

Welcome to the Sharon Denise Talbot New Orleans weather 10 day forecast! This is your New Orleans weather 10 day forecast. It will be updated daily. The New Orleans weather 10 day forecast is a valuable tool for planning all of your New Orleans outings. While you are here in NOLA there are plenty of people to see, places to go and things to do and the New Orleans weather 10 day forecast will come in very handy. The weather in New Orleans changes day to day. This is because of the city’s proximity to water. This is one of the reasons the New Orleans weather 10 day forecast is so valuable if you are traveling to New Orleans. Don’t miss any of them. Make sure you are not caught unawares. Be prepared for the Louisiana weather changes. Quick and convenient, just check here before you make your plans for the day! 

High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Feb 23
Partly Cloudy 78°/64° 20 %
Feb 24
Isolated T-Storms 76°/64° 30 %
Feb 25
Mostly Cloudy 73°/54° 10 %
Feb 26
Partly Cloudy 74°/63° 20 %
Feb 27
Partly Cloudy 76°/65° 10 %
Feb 28
Scattered T-Storms 75°/51° 60 %
Mar 01
Sunny 68°/48° 0 %
Mar 02
Sunny 66°/51° 0 %
Mar 03
Partly Cloudy 68°/51° 20 %
Mar 04
AM Clouds / PM Sun 68°/50° 20 %

 Good Morning NOLA!  I’m thinking it’s going to be another great day.  No rain in the forecast for today. Just a little cloudy with our high near the eighty degree mark.  There will be a few isolated thunderstorms in the evening on Thursday but should move out before the weekend parades get here.  Our overnight lows will be in the sixties.  All in all we really can’t complain.  Next week may see us back in the sixties for our daytime temps which is a little more like our usual for this time of year.  What a great Mardi Gras outlook.  I am really enjoying my time by getting out and about and soaking up some vitiamin D.  Even the evenings are wonderful so make the most of this weather. I had a nice evening with friends over at the House Of Blues listening to My Graveyard Jaw and watching a screening of The Cure for the Crash, a feature film by Brian Paul.  You should check both out if you have a chance.  So get up, get moving and I’ll see you in NOLA!  

Sharon Denise Talbot

Don’ t forget to check back tomorrow for your New Orleans weather 10 day forecast.

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast

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