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New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast 05 27 11

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast New Orleans weather 10 day forecast

Welcome to the Sharon Denise Talbot New Orleans weather 10 day forecast! This is your New Orleans weather 10 day forecast. It will be updated daily. The New Orleans weather 10 day forecast is a valuable tool for planning all of your New Orleans outings. While you are here in NOLA there are plenty of people to see, places to go and things to do and the New Orleans weather 10 day forecast will come in very handy. The weather in New Orleans changes day to day. This is because of the city’s proximity to water. This is one of the reasons the New Orleans weather 10 day forecast is so valuable if you are traveling to New Orleans. Don’t miss any of them. Make sure you are not caught unawares. Be prepared for the Louisiana weather changes. Quick and convenient, just check here before you make your plans for the day!

High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
May 27
Sunny 91°/73° 10 %
May 28
Sunny 90°/75° 0 %
May 29
Mostly Sunny 88°/75° 10 %
May 30
Sunny 88°/74° 0 %
May 31
Sunny 90°/74° 0 %
Jun 01
Sunny 91°/75° 0 %
Jun 02
Mostly Sunny 92°/77° 20 %
Jun 03
Mostly Sunny 90°/76° 10 %
Jun 04
Partly Cloudy 90°/76° 20 %
Jun 05
Mostly Sunny 89°/75° 10 %


Good Morning NOLA!  TGIF! Very exciting stuff happening on this end.  Through 3pm: Mostly sunny with temperatures rising towards the upper 80s. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Sunny today with a high of  91F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. There is always something going on in the city as usual.  Check out the new exhibit at the THNOC.  This city never sleeps so don’t miss a thing . Tonight is generally clear. Low 73F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph.  I hope your  plans include music.  It is good for the soul. The weather should cooperate so get out and enjoy.  The week ahead looks pretty good. Don’t worry about those scattered showers over the week ahead but all in all looks great. The book siginings at the 1850’s House Store went great. I will be back in the Quarter soon. So make plans to come out a get your personalized copies of “I Love You Bigger Than The Sky!” and “IF I Were A French Quarter Rat”.  Whatever you decide to do today, enjoy! See y’all in NOLA!

Sharon Denise Talbot

Don’ t forget to check back tomorrow for your New Orleans weather 10 day forecast.

New Orleans Weather 10 day forecast

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For hunting whitetail deer is used cooking oil a good attractant?

I am in west central louisiana and was wondering if anyone knows if the oil used to deep fry the turkey would be good to poor out in the woods as an attractant.

mix with deercorn oatmeal and acorn all ground up with some malases. and you basicly have yourself a salt block. but as for the oil alone i dont beleve that there would be any reason that the deer would be attracted to that

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Where is a site where I can add music to my powerpoint presentation?

I need to put the state song of Louisiana on my powerpoint…

You’ll need to get the song on your computer first (download it online or rip it from a CD in Windows Media Player maybe)

Then this site tells you how to add it to a presentation:

Good luck ☺

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Holly Clegg’s Trim & Terrific Kitchen: National Rice Month

In this edition of Holly Clegg’s Trim & Terrific Kitchen, This Week in Louisiana Agriculture’s A.J. Sabine takes Holly out from behind the stove and to a rice field where she sees first hand what it takes to get rice to your table.

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Louisiana Football Magazine Documentary

A short documentary about the history of Louisiana Football Magazine.

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Denham Springs Pilot Travel Center

Just insane. I provide the play by play…

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Country Music- the Soulful Rhythms

No matter what your preferences are, no matter what kind of disposition you have- you simply cannot refrain yourself from being mesmerised and enticed by music. Since its inception, music has been the most loved source of entertainment and people with different tastes and likings admire several kinds of music. It has different kinds and forms. Across the world different kinds of music has evolved with the emergence of distinctive civilizations and the characteristic nature of the people in different countries etc. The influence of music can be felt in every corner of the world. Various genre of music like rock, pop, classical, jazz etc have been immensely applauded by the people. Country Music

is also well accepted and admired by the music listeners across the globe. This highly melodious and mellifluous form of music is awesomely pure and subtle. Unlike the conventional pop and metal music, this genre is known for its flawless and soft rhythms that are soothing to the ears and pleasant to the soul. Many popular artists have given amazing performances and great albums that have remarkable influences from this music. These albums have achieved admirable success and recognition from the listeners.

Country music is a remarkably enticing genre of music that focuses on the melodies and the rhythms. It is identified by its immensely mellifluous tones and upbeat numbers. It is a blend of various distinctive music forms from across the world and mainly has influences from the music that was originated in the southern parts of the United States and the region of Appalachian Mountains. Around 1920, this category rapidly evolved and gained popularity among the masses. This kind of music has its roots in the various traditional and classical types like folk music, old times music, Celtic music, gospel and the blues. In the southern United States the various ethnic groups created music of different styles and the combination of all these styles emerged as the Western Music that comprises a major part of the country and western music.

There have been a number of artists and performers who have gained immense popularity with this genre of music. Elvis Presley, who was earlier known as The Hillbilly Cat was one of the biggest pop icons in the history of music. He won recognition through his immensely admirable country music performances. He was featured on the radio program Louisiana Hayride where he used to give amazing performances based on this music. Similarly Garth Brooke is one of the most appreciated country based music artist whose albums were chart toppers. He made short debut in other genres too. This genre saw its greatest high in the year 2006 when the country albums sales increased by the 17.7 percent to a whopping 36 millions.

The country pop has its roots in the soft rock and the country-politan which emerged as a sub genre of this music in the 1970’s. It was well accepted by the wide variety of audiences during the same decade. The singers like John Denver, Glen Campbell and Anne Murray were some of the most admired artists of this genre. “RhineStone Cowboy” by Campbell is amongst the best and biggest crossover music hits. The songs in this music CD are still hummed by the teenagers and youngsters. Olivia Newton John is considered as the best female country vocal performer.

Outlaw country revolutionized this genre of music completely with the derived Honky Tonk sounds of late 1950’s. After 1935, the Western Swing Big Band leader Bob Willis used drums as the major instrument in his band Texas Playboy. The drums were readily used by the country musicians and the rockabilly groups till 1955. Later, they became significant in the country bands also. The electric guitar was used in the bands that were originated in the beginning of 1938. Arthur Smith achieved immense success with the Guitar Boogie a MGM records album that declared the beginning of guitar as the most influential instrument in the country band.

Adam Jaylin

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alligator bites, catfish, shrimp…. Louisiana cooking…. YokeUp

scared for tuesday weigh in….. God bless you guys

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Oil Spill Threatening Fishing Economy, Culture in Louisiana

U.S. authorities have expanded fishing restrictions in the Gulf of Mexico because of fears of contamination from the BP oil leak. The spill poses a threat to the safety of seafood from the Gulf, and the future of the fishing industry in Louisiana and nearby states. VOA’s Brian Wagner has more.

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