How much would it cost to travel a few states?

I’m in louisiana. It would probably be like, alabama, mississippi, florida, and back.
It’d be a car on top of hotel expenses and cheap food.

What it is a road trip. I just wanna go, nowhere in specific.
But I need to know about how much money.
I wouldn’t be doing much, just getting away.

So about how much?

Well, the best road trips are the ones that don’t have too many restrictions. Sounds like you’re off to a good start. I guess it would also depend on how long you’ll be gone, how much it’ll cost. I’d say roughtly $1200 a month.

A good place to start for more info with calculating gas, mileage, and money stuff is a site called You just enter the states, and it’ll suggest places to stay, things to see, and there’s a mileage calculator there too.

One cheap way to stay is hostels along the way. If you are flexible with dates, hostels are cheap and a great way to meet people who are also traveling.