What would you do if China occupied Florida, Louisiana and Alabama?

What would happen if all your rights were removed?

– You can’t open your own business
– You cant worship
-All American Sports are banned

And if you attempted to fight back, they will bomb your houses and kill your children.

Then they will spread propaganda to the world saying that America owed them trillions of dollars.

How would you fight back?

And do you see something similar happening right now in the world?
Now Read the answers below: Kill the Chinese.

What if I changed the question (hypothetically speaking) if Israel occupied Florida..etc.

Would your fear of antisemitism prevent you to say kill the Jews?

kill a lot of chinese.

also encourage the nation to strongly fund the tibetan freedom fighters and strongly back taiwan.

then i’d sick the world’s most powerful military machine on the fools who invaded our soil and have the invaders physically removed from our soil…


no, if israel or some african nation did the same thing, i would feel the same way i do now. if and when someone invades the usa, that all they are – invaders…