Houston I’m heated on this issue like a Louisiana Hot link. I would like to know your opinion on this issue?

Houstonians are you tired of being stereotyped by the media of Houston being a cowboy city? Well I am we are being stereotyped out here in California about wearing cowboy hats and boots everyday. Not just California but everywhere. I’m come across many people everyday asking me where I’m from because of my accent. They think we ride horses instead of driving cars and we yell yeehah. Out of all the years that I have lived I in Houston the only time I picture this is around rodeo season. I was watching a sports program today and one of the guys was in Houston wearing a cowboy hat. One guy asked him why he was wearing the hat and he said that is what people wear around here. I’m so tired of these type of people giving us this old western type of perception and singling out Houston as the main city in Texas. I know good and well that Dallas and San Antonio have more cowboys then here.

Uneducated, untraveled, close-minded, ignorant people.
Yeah, and everyone in France wears a beret & carries a baguette under their arm.