Can anybody help me solve a hypothesis testing?

LSU is the state of Louisiana’s flagship school and is located in Baton Rouge. Tulane University is the largest private university in Louisiana and is located in New Orleans. Both schools have been recently known for their academics, but there was a time that Tulane held a decided edge on the issue. The sports rivalry between the two schools has been on-going for approximately 117 years. During the 1980’s, there was a joke that the two schools finally agreed to collaborate upon settling any disputes over who should get a particular player when both schools wanted and were actively recruiting the player. The prospective player would be handed a candy bar with representatives from both schools present. If he peeled the wrapper off of the candy bar prior to eating it, he would be awarded a scholarship to Tulane.

A fledging graduate student decided to do research on whether or not the joke was true. Instead of using candy bars, he obtained the ACT scores of membership of both teams to compare and ascertain whether or not there was indeed a significant difference in intelligence between the two schools in terms their respective football teams, as well as who really held the academic advantage.

This can’t be done without some statistical data.