Sharon Denise Talbot Stars in Subrosan

New Orleans

Hey y’all!  For those of you who have followed my entry and journey through the New Orleans Louisiana Film Industry aka Hollywood South, I have more news.  I am starring in the Louisiana born and bred dark adult drama “Subrosan”.    In a city where secrets abound, the whispers are becoming a roar.  Just call me Peggy Elbertson, New Orleans socialite, Senator’s wife, mother and devout Catholic.   Married to a Senator whose shenanigans are threatening her way of life Peggy has to try to hold it all together. Can she do it? You will have to watch and see. Check out my page on the Subrosan website at .  Look for this blockbuster with more twists and turns than New Orleans has parades to be out in the spring of 2012.  This is one you won’t want to miss.  From the phenomenally intriguing plot by master storyteller and director Dwayne Coots, real life Louisiana locations to the amazingly talented cast of Louisiana actors, Subrosan has it all.  Myth or fact, you decide.  Check here for updates and follow us on Facebook.   This is the kind of secret you tell, so tell your friends.

PEGGY ELBERTSON played by Sharon Denise Talbot

The lovely and accomplished wife of Senator Elbertson is the force behind a successful family.

Never settling for the trophy wife role, Peggy comes from old money and strikes her own trail in the social scene.

Ever protective and ever devout, she clings to her family and her faith.

She’s not about to let her idiot husband ruin her life.

Will she lose everything?


About Sharon Denise Talbot

Who says dreams don’t come true?

Sharon Denise Talbot is the oldest of Wilfred and Bernice LeJeune Ardoin‘s six children. This southwest Louisiana native once upon a time dreamed of things like love and marriage, writing books, acting and living in New Orleans. The love and marriage part came right after high school for Denise when she married Mark Talbot. They share almost thirty-two years of marriage with three children, three grandchildren and waiting on a fourth any day now. After years spent in the corporate arena and raising her children the impending arrival of her first grandchild, seemed like the perfect time for a  change of pace. Coming from a family full of expressive, creative people certainly has its advantages. Denise decided to enlist the artistic/illustrating talent of her daughter Laura and dust off the dream of writing children’s books. Her first book “I Love You Bigger Than The Sky!” was published in March of 2010. “If I Were A French Quarter Rat” her second was released in February of this year and a third book “Ardoin the Ant” should be available in late November/early December.

About the same time as her first book hit the shelves, she launched her New Orleans website, and was introduced to the burgeoning film industry in New Orleans. After participating in more than 30 major film and television projects there is no doubt another dream has a check by it. Having the opportunity to play the part of Subrosan’s Peggy Elbertson opposite her real life husband Mark as the Senator and working with her son Matthew as Miguel in the same project is just icing on the cake. Moving down the check list, since Denise’s last chick left the nest for college in May the transition from part-time to full-time New Orleanians became a reality for the Talbots.

This French Quarter resident is now the author of children’s books, an online writer, blogger and website host, as well as an actor and movie extra. So the moral of this story is your life can be your dream. Or, in the words of George Eliot “It is never too late to become what we might  have been….. “



Subrosan is coming New Orleans.  Trust No One…..   Believe Nothing…….

New Orleans