Questions about Louisiana?

I am considering moving to Louisiana next year. I have a good group of friends, support system and place of worship there that I am fairly connected with.

What I question is the environment/culture. I currently live in Wisconsin, and worry about the differences,

What is the food like? I’ve heard a vast array of things, and don’t know fact from fiction.

What is the wildlife like? What about insects?

I’ve heard there are roaches….if you get your home sprayed, will they still come around?

I am fine with the weather/temperature/etc. That will not bother me at all.

Is it a safe area to live (Baton Rouge)?

Is Louisiana a Republican or Democratic state overall?

What is the sales tax when you buy stuff…in Wisconsin it is 5.01%, wondering what it is in LA?

I have done a lot of research online, and have not found much on any of these subjects.

Thank you in advance.

The culture is unlike anywhere you may have been. It is very unique, but I have not ever heard of anyone complain yet about out way of living.

Food is very abundant and cheap. You will have many seafood restaurants to choose from, though we do have great steak restaurants also. Plus, many people have craw fish or crab boils, and both are very delicious.

Our wildlife is very spread out. We have bears, coyotes, shrimp, trout, ducks, and deer. We have many kinds of insects, just about anything you can think of. Roaches are plentiful, but if you keep up with a routine spray around your house, you should be fine.

Baton Rouge is a pretty safe area to live. We have well established neighborhoods and communities all around.

Louisiana is pretty dominant Republican state.

And our sales tax is currently at 4%