Is Louisiana a nice place to live?

I live in MS right now..and I’ve always said I’m not staying here. Well I’m 21 and I’m ready to leave. I want to stay in the south though. I really like Louisiana and it seems like a cool place .. full of life and culture.

Louisiana is a great place to live, where are you looking at> Baton Rouge (where i live now) it a very nice place and Lafeyette is growing into the state’s best place to live, New Orleans (where i was born and raised) is great too don’t believe what other people say, i’m there almost every weekend, its not the same but its not a war zone either. it really depends on what u wanna do out here, there is a big need in the Medical field, the wanted ads section has almost a full page of medical jobs. you can probaly fidn a job in any field you want, or if you just wana party, whatever, you will find that here too, the culture is amazing. i would recommend coming and visiting for like a weekend whatever city or town you plan to move to, get a feel for the place.