Interested in starting an herb garden in SE Louisiana. Any suggestions?

I would like to start growing an Italian herb garden in my backyard. (Basil, oregeno, parsley, arugula, etc.) How do I decide which area to plant? Is is best to do this by container gardening or plant directly into the ground. I’ve NEVER done any gardening – just really like to cook with Italian seasonings.

Additionally, I would like to grow tomatoes. Any recomendations on delicious varieties?

All herbs prefer full sun. They do better in the ground than in containers. Oregano is a perennial, basil, parsley, arugula are annuals – save their seeds for next year. Jiffy makes great Mini greenhouses (4" x 10") that sit nicely in window sills – preferably south facing – for starting seeds. see " Jiffy-7"

Super Fantastic tomatoes are exactly that.

I lived in Lafayette for many years. You should be able to grow just about anything. Have fun!