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Tiger in Louisiana

happynathanhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/happynathanEntertainmenttiger, Louisiana, travel, truck, stopTiger in Louisiana

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mail travel form utah to louisiana in how many days?

i have been waiting on some mail from utah so i want to know how many days for mail to travel from there to alexandria louisiana 71301

2-3 days

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Talking about our vacation to my Grandmother’s

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Do you think the President should travel to Louisiana?

Maybe I am paranoid, but I worry about him in a region known for nut job religious racists. I realize that he is expressing concern for the hardship the good people in that area continue to face, but you have to be concerned about the nut jobs.

Hell, not too long ago a Justice of the Peace in Louisiana refused to marry an interracial couple. Hate and ignorance is alive and well in the south and as long as that hate and ignorance is perpetuated in families it will remain alive and well.
The Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused to perform an interracial marriage was interviewed on CBS News Monday morning and tried to explain his actions.

Bardwell explained that he had seen "countless" interracial couples where the children were rejected by family members, and he didn’t want to see that happen again. He defended himself by pointing out that he did not prevent the couple from getting married; he merely would not do it himself. Asked if he would refuse to perform a marriage for any other reason, he said no, but then corrected himself.
Louisiana justice who refused interracial marriage resigns
Ida Slapter, if you want to discuss politics it is a good idea to be informed.

I have confidence in our Secret Service. He needs to go to let the people in the Gulf know he’s with them and cares.

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Louisiana – Swamp Tour – Travel Doc

At 3.79 million square miles (9.83 million km²) and with more than 300 million people, the United States is the third or fourth largest country by total area, and third largest by land area and by population. The United States is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many countries.

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Sight seeing throughout travel. Is there a web site that can help?

I am traveling from Louisiana to Oregon and want to know of any good places to stop for sight seeing on the way.
I am going by the mapquest.com

http://www.tripadvisor.com/ is a great site. I have personally contributed quite a bit especially for Oregon, where I live. I could tell you a lot about what to do in Oregon/Washingon, but it sounds like that is your destination so you might already have plans here. SO, I would use Trip Advisor to look at other places along the way. If I were you, I would definitely stop in Denver/Boulder CO and ESPECIALLY Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I went to school in Boulder and it is absolutely beautiful. Also, Branson Missouri is fun in a strange way if you could stop there. There is a RIpley’s Believe It Or Not Museum that is great there as well as all the other typical Branson stuff.

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what are the laws in louisiana for carrying a hand gun in a vehicle?

i am traveling from florida to louisiana on a buisness trip for about 4 days

don know
i thought everybody’s got a shotgun rack in louisiana

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Hurricane Rita Wikipedia travel guide video. Created by http://stupeflix.com

Create your own video on http://studio.stupeflix.com/?w=1 ! Hurricane
Rita encountering the Gulf Loop Current and Eddy Vortex. Hurricane Rita
making its final landfall. Evacuees on Interstate 45 leaving Houston on
September 21. Motorists stranded on Highway 60 during Hurricane Rita
evacuation. Hurricane Rita Rainfall. Storm surge damage from Rita.
Trailer moved onto road in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Damage from Rita
in Shreveport, Louisiana, by then a Tropical Storm. Two satellite
images showing the extent of flooding caused by Rita in Louisiana and
Texas. Church in Beaumont with roof ripped off by Hurricane Rita. Photo
by Steve Buser. From the Department of Energy, the path of Hurricane
Rita and the site of refineries in the Texas and Louisiana area.

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Sticky: Acme Oyster House

During the Lenten season abstinence from meat on Fridays is obligatory for all us “good Catholics” in Louisiana and elsewhere. Salt and freshwater species of fish, amphibians, reptiles and shellfish are permitted. So darn the luck, as Paw-Paw Benoit would say. What do we in the Bayou State during Lent? We eat even more seafood! If you are down in New Orleans during Lent (actually anytime of the year) and you are looking for seafood you have just hit the jackpot.

Some of the best seafood I have ever eaten was served up right here in the Crescent City. The problem is choosing at which wonderful eatery to pull up a chair or a stool. Fans consistently rank Acme’s oysters, seafood and atmosphere among the best in New Orleans and the country and they get my vote, too. Acme Oyster House has been around since1910. Louie Armstrong had not even started his first band and the Acme Café was opened on Royal Street in the French Quarter. Acme has long been a staple in the Big Easy restaurant pantry chock a block full of amazing cuisine. Because a horrible fire in 1924 caused the collapse of the three-story Acme Saloon building, the Café was re-opened as Acme Oyster House around the corner at 724 Iberville in the world famous French Quarter, just off of Bourbon Street.

In addition to the French Quarter location, Acme Oyster Houses are open in Covington, Metairie, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and in Sandestin on the Florida panhandle. Acme shucked well over 3.6 million fresh oysters in 2008. That’s almost 10,000 oysters a day and doesn’t even include the fried ones. Its neon sign is a beacon guiding the hungry by the droves. Locals and tourists a-like line up for some of the best New Orleans style seafood around and is a testament to this place in a city renowned for its food. Don’t let the line deter you it moves really fast! I suggest you order an Abita from the bar and hang tight. Your seat at a checkered tablecloth covered table is coming right up.

World famous for their ice cold oysters on the half shell, Acme has out done themselves with their version of char-grilled oysters. Grilled in the shell with garlic, butter and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese this is a treat for even the most oyster opposed of us. Trust me; I have brought many an anti-oyster visitor over from the dark side by offering this sizzling delicacy on a piece of New Orleans French bread. Just a side note, when the oyster is gone, dip your bread in the empty shell to get every drop of the buttery ambrosia left in the bottom! Cést Bon, Cher!

If the oysters won’t tempt you then check out Acme’s impressive menu. The fried catfish platter and the corn and crab soup may be just the thing for a Lenten supper. Of course, there is always hot seafood gumbo to chase away the chill of a cool day. No matter what you order you can’t go wrong. Stand in line at Acme. I promise, they aren’t going anywhere and it is well worth the wait!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

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Dead Bird Island – Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana

Aug. 19, 2010 – On a journey to take soil samples from the BP Spill we came across an island full of dead birds in various stages of decay. For more information or to support our ongoing efforts please visit http://www:lmrk.org

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