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Since 911 is it possible to visit Fort Polk Louisiana?

I took my basic training at Ft. Polk Louisiana. I would love to visit the Fort and to see how much it has changed since 1968. Is this possible and if it is who do I contact about doing this. I hate to travel a great distance only to be turned away at the gate.
I am a civilian now and have no ties to the military except my memories of boot camp, AIT and Viet Nam.

You will have to enter at gate 1 at Entrance Road which is off US171 south of Leesville. You need an ID card, Vehicle Registation and Proof of Insurance. You will be issued a temporary pass good for one day and your vehicle will be searched. As for what has changed…I’m sure you will be quite surprised. You may not even recognize the place.

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whats the best way to keep 6 lbs of tiger shrimp frozen traveling from louisiana to alabama.. 10 hrs.. staying

one night in a hotel.. i cant get dry ice.. is there a way?
in a car..

I’m assuming the shrimp are protected by being wrapped and preferably put in zip lock bags or another airtight container, and are frozen solid.

Get block ice, and cubes. The larger the chunks, the longer it takes to melt. Put the large blocks under the shrimp, and then on top.fille all gaps with the cubes. Get a cheap 1 lb container of salt, or get about 1 lb of rock salt. Add cold water to ice, and then dump in the salt/rock salt. The salt will dissolve, and the ice will melt some, but this also lowers the temperature at which the water will freeze, and with that much ice, the water will actually be below 32 degrees, and will keep the shrimp frozen. Replenish ice as it melts. As long as you have half ice in the cooler, then you know it should still be cold enough.

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will it be okay to travel with my bird from california to louisiana by uhaul truck.?

If your bird loves and trust you he should be fine. Make sure the bird can see you but try to sheild him from looking out the window. There will be stress. We take our birds riding with us so they are use to everything around the moves in a car. Truck is louder.
Take him on trial runs in your car first. Might help

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North Louisiana Travel Outlook Conference

Kelly Wells, vice president of tourism at the Shreveport-Bossier Convention & Tourist Bureau, talks about the North Louisiana Travel Outlook Conference, Aug. 3, 2010, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Bossier Civic Center. For details or to register go to http://www.shreveport-bossier.org/partners/outlook

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Puma 31DBSS Travel Trailer Bund Model

Primeaux RV Sales Louisiana walk through tour of the Puma travel trailer.

You’ll enjoy many typically upgrade features in this puma camper trailer. From Puma’s triple slide and exterior awnings and upgraded windows to its interior with horse shoe banquet to large oven and with a full size microwave.
You’ll enjoy the comforts of home in a Puma RV

Call us at (800) 949-7418 to get the best deal on your Puma travel trailer.

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Shreveport, Louisiana Wikipedia travel guide video. Created by http://stupeflix.com

Create your own video on http://studio.stupeflix.com/?w=1 ! Downtown
Shreveport at night. Texas Street Bridge over the Red River. AmSouth
Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Downtown Shreveport. The R.W. Norton
Art Gallery houses incomparable collections of American and European
paintings, sculptures and decorative arts spanning more than four
centuries. The Shreveport Times. Shreveport Regional Airport in western

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Plantations of Louisiana

Views of some of the antebellum plantations of southern Louisiana.

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Stay On the Right Side of Online Betting Laws

The laws regarding online betting vary with the country. Online gambling companies are not allowed to operate in the US. Three US states, namely Nevada, Louisiana, and California have explicitly written laws against online gambling. It is not uncommon for employees of online betting companies from other countries to run foul of the law when they travel to the US. The UK, on the other hand, has made a move toward allowing gambling to grow in a regulated environment. Gambling companies can now legally operate from within the UK. This step is regarded by many as one in the right direction, which allows the population to harness the power of the Internet for pleasure and profit.

For long have supporters of the online gaming industry rued the discriminatory laws stacked against online betting and a completely different set of laws for offline betting. Industry watchers feel that it is only a matter of time before the law in America takes a similar position as that of the UK and allows online bets to be accepted in the country. Till now, it has been places like Gibraltar and Antigua that have allowed online betting to operate from their shores and they have reaped benefits. These countries have had a head start in the management and regulation of online betting companies. Antigua places a lot of emphasis on thorough background checks before issuing licenses, not only that even if a licensed betting company issues sublicenses, it can only do so after a background check by the FBI and the Interpol. For all the assurances of an online betting site, players have little concrete guarantee that the game is being run honestly. To address player concerns, some countries have also set up an anti-fraud cell that looks into cases of duping by online betting sites. Since, state and federal laws in many countries are in a state of flux regarding online gaming, it is crucial that the efforts of countries like Antigua and Grenada be duplicated for winning customer confidence.

When talking of online betting laws, it is important to realize that you need to consider not just the laws of the country from which the website operates but also the country where the hosting servers reside and the laws of the countries from which the website gets traffic; in short we are talking about online betting laws from around the world. At present most nations do not have a clearly-defined law structure for online gambling; the UK for example, allows online betting companies to operate but taxes them heavily while the bettors are not taxed for the amount they wager. This bias is causing many well-known online gambling companies to set up operations in other parts of the world, which is a direct loss in revenue for the UK government. In fact, the lure of profits from online gaming is so strong that governments in countries such as Finland and the Principality of Liechtenstein have their own betting sites.

Florian Koerner

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Tiger in Louisiana

happynathanhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/happynathanEntertainmenttiger, Louisiana, travel, truck, stopTiger in Louisiana

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Can you drive a vespa on the interstate in louisiana?

I’d like to get one because they’re much cheaper than a car, and great on gas, and I only travel within about 30-40 miles from where I live, But that’s using the interstate, so…?

If you are talking of real actual Vespa your can use 50cc scooters not use on Interstate. The 150cc Vespa scooters can use Interstate *legally* but can only do about 59mph and is not safely on the Interstate.

The Vespa 300cc scooters are 80mph on the Interstate.

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