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Down in Louisiana (Acustic Version) (Marchetta Salvatore)

From The Demo When Bad Souls Die

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Posted by admin - September 18, 2014 at 3:13 am

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I am 17 and badly wanting to travel to Amsterdam when I make 18 NEXT year during the summer, how much?

I live in New Orleans, Louisiana. I dont just want to go for the weed and the fun legal drinking ;) i really just perfer to go for some adventure. Some friends of mine wanted to go but ruined my plan. So now i travel ALONE! I want to know how much and I dealing with and what not. You know, the basics…

Nobody can tell you what prices will be like for next summer right now. But you can get an idea of the likely costs by checking prices now. For airfares, you can use sites like: http://www.kayak.com/ . I use this site for hotels in the Netherlands (as recently as last weekend): http://www.hotels.nl/ , but if you’re interested in cheaper hostels, you can try: http://www.hostelbookers.com/hostels/netherlands/amsterdam/

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How Far Do You Have To Travel to Go to the Beach?

I’m about 75(maybe less, not sure) miles north of the Gulf of Mexico but Louisiana beaches SUCK so about 100 miles southeast to Mississippi for a decent beach.

About a mile.
I live in Florida. Ha ha.

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Louisiana Tourism

http://www.LouisianaBeautiful.com – Louisiana Tourism video

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How much would it cost to travel a few states?

I’m in louisiana. It would probably be like, alabama, mississippi, florida, and back.
It’d be a car on top of hotel expenses and cheap food.

What it is a road trip. I just wanna go, nowhere in specific.
But I need to know about how much money.
I wouldn’t be doing much, just getting away.

So about how much?

Well, the best road trips are the ones that don’t have too many restrictions. Sounds like you’re off to a good start. I guess it would also depend on how long you’ll be gone, how much it’ll cost. I’d say roughtly $1200 a month.

A good place to start for more info with calculating gas, mileage, and money stuff is a site called TripAdvisor.com You just enter the states, and it’ll suggest places to stay, things to see, and there’s a mileage calculator there too.

One cheap way to stay is hostels along the way. If you are flexible with dates, hostels are cheap and a great way to meet people who are also traveling.

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Posted by admin - September 4, 2014 at 10:49 pm

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Shreveport, Louisiana Wikipedia travel guide video. Created by http://stupeflix.com

Create your own video on http://studio.stupeflix.com/?w=1 ! Downtown
Shreveport at night. Texas Street Bridge over the Red River. AmSouth
Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Downtown Shreveport. The R.W. Norton
Art Gallery houses incomparable collections of American and European
paintings, sculptures and decorative arts spanning more than four
centuries. The Shreveport Times. Shreveport Regional Airport in western

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Posted by admin - August 30, 2014 at 8:32 pm

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How long would it take a freighter or cargo ship to travel from New Orleans, Louisiana to Venice, Italy?

I am a fiction writer and my ususal research sources have failed me on this occasion. I’m just looking for a ballpark estimate from New Orleans to Venice with maybe one refueling stop if necessary.

It depends entirely on how fast the ship can travel. A ship that travels at 20 knots covers about 500 miles per day, and would make it from New Orleans to Venice in about 14 days. A ship moving at 10 knots would take twice the time. And so on.

Note that a realistic "refueling stop" would be the port of Algeciras, in southern Spain. That would be about 9 days out from New Orleans at 20 knots. When passenger liners traveled between the Med and NY they would stop at Algeciras before starting the trans-Atlantic "speed run".

Remember that it takes a ship 8 to 12 hours to travel from New Orleans to the mouth of the Mississippi. A "pilot" is required for that trip: http://www.crescentpilots.com/

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LA Rider TV segment on our trip to the place where the legendary outlaws Bonnie and Clyde died in a law enforcement ambush.

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Travel Channel 2009 America’s secret

Henry Cole (Travel Channel) continues, after a drive from Boston to Key West, his 2000 mile journey through Alabama, Mississipi and Louisiana to New Orleans.

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271 New Orleans, Louisiana Jackson Square.mpg

Video 271 of a reality travel show with your host David Rush. Go to www.davidrush.net

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