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Physical Therapist – Sports & Orthopedic Larose Louisiana

Larose physical therapist sports and orthopedic for over 12 years. Call 985-693-7300, Larose physical therapist for sports and orthopedic is ready for you. Serving the bayou areas of Larose, Cut Off, Galliano, Golden Meadow, Grand Isle, Lockport, and Raceland.

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What is a C.E.C.P coach?

"Should C.E.C.P coaches be allowed to coach major sports in Louisiana" is a question posted on cajunpreps.com and I was just wondering what a C.E.C.P coach is?

It is a coaching certification.

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Southeastern Louisiana Sports Report – Episode 4 Part 1

Host Chris Mycoskie talks with Southeastern athletic director Bart Bellairs, women’s basketball head coach Lori Davis Jones and junior guard Kelli Jenkins. Watch part 2: www.youtube.com
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Any camping activities u can think of?

I need three more activities for a trip down the Mississippi river to the gulf
i have fourteen stops and each stop has to have a different activity
i already have
-star gazing
-bird watching
-nature hunt
-learning about survival skills
-learning about animals
-a craft day
– a board game day
-sports day
my last three stops are at the top of Louisiana ,where Mississippi cuts into Louisiana,and where Louisiana meets the gulf of Mexico.

"racing" rafts made of things found in nature along the shoreline
biking (check – many places have rentals in touristy destinations/outdoor stores)

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Lafayette Sports Chiropractor Performs Active Release at Ironman 70 3 New Orleans

Dr. Bryan Boudreaux of Cajun Spine and Sport ( A Sports Chiropractic and Rehab facility in Lafayette, LA) was invited to perform Active Release on the athletes particiapating in the New Orleans Ironman. It was a pleasure and an honor to help Dr. Dave Edwards of Source Chiropractic and Rehab who was a sponsor of the event and in charge of the Active Release part of the medical staff.

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Player Profile: Clonie Gowan

Her real name is Cycalona Gowen because she was born during a tropical storm. Clonie grew up in Kiowa, Oklahoma and played sports in high school. She ranked seventh in the high jump in track and field and was also a championship-level basketball player. She had looks as well as skill in sports and the pretty young blonde won the Miss Teen McAlester crown in Oklahoma at age fifteen.

Clonie is a divorced mother of two and lives in Dallas, Texas. Her older child, a daughter, lives with her first husband and she is raising her second child, a son, who is a product of her second marriage.

She learned poker while in her teens and became more skillful after her first divorce when she would drive to Shreveport, Louisiana to play in the casinos. Clonie began to win several hundred dollars each weekend which soon became a steady income and decided she could earn more money as a gambler then working at her travel agency business to play poker full time and finds this world much more to her liking.

She became known to the public after finishing tenth in the 2002 Costa Rica Classic. The following year, she beat five of the world’s best women players – including Annie Duke and Jennifer Harman – at WPTs Ladies Night which was an event that was made for television.

Some of Clonie’s poker-related activities:

• Appeared on Good Morning America

• Mentioned in the New York Times, Dallas Observer, Texas Monthly, Esquire Magazine

• Guest appearances on Ultimate Poker Challenge in Las Vegas and European World Poker Championship in Dublin, Ireland

• Writes a regular Question and Answer column for WSOP Bluff Magazine

• Member of the Board of Directors of the United States Poker Association

Clonie Gowan is a member of the team of poker experts on FullTilt.com, Howard Lederer’s website, which include the following notables:

• Chris Ferguson

• Jennifer Harman

• Erick Lindgren

• Mike Matusow

• Phil Ivey

• John Juanda

• Phil Gordon

• Erik Seidel

• Andy Bloch

She is now a partner in a poker school teaching the basics of tournament play to women and men. She states the aim of the school is to instruct her students “How to be successful in a competitive game where your own money is at stake.” Additionally, she is writing a book “Good Girls Do Make the Final table”, which is scheduled to be printed by Harcourt Brace and is due out some time in 2006.

Unlike most other well-known poker players who are open about their winnings, Clonie, “The New Face of Poker”, is vague about her finances.

She also is involved in charities where she is a frequent host and does a great deal of volunteer work. At the Whisper Walk in Dallas to help victims of ovarian cancer, Clonie – whose mother is a survivor of this disease – was a very much appreciated guest speaker.

Clonie Gowan is considered a midlevel poker professional and has high public visibility. However, her name did not appear in Card Player magazine’s rankings and she has thus far not finished at the final table of any important tournament.

Kenneth Bateman

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South Louisiana Pipeliners, By: Lizzie Hill, Sports Director, KWBJ Newsday 39 in Morgan City

The South Louisiana Pipeliners are a new pro-prospect baseball team based in Morgan City, LA. David Angeron is the manager of the team along with co-manager Sammy Torreira and pitching coach Carlos Castillo. The team is made up of players hand picked by scouts and is designed to train and showcase their talent in hopes of creating a “pipeline” to the big leagues.

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Name the sport associated with the following Sporting Venue that is Louisiana Superdome?

Football also the sugar bowl is going to be played there

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Louisiana Tailgating

A package I produced and voiced for the Kent State Sports Network on tailgating among Louisiana-Lafayette fans.

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Why did John McCain have a hard time drawing crowds at his campaign rallies…???

while Obama had no trouble filling sports venues during his rallies?? You’d think the republicans would also be able to fill sports venues with ease……like the Louisiana Superdome right after Hurricane Katrina
Palin drew massive crowds as well, were they at work during Saracuda’s rallies????

Didn’t you ask this back in October?
It seems like it’s just a big basketball game to you libs.

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