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Oil Spill Fact’s; Breathtaking HD footage of Gulf water sports with a message.

My name is John Lieurance and I made this fact filled film to educate and inspire an appropriate response to this disaster. Please share this video with as many people as you can! Lets make a difference together to save the Gulf marine environment. Please donate to Mote Marine! Goto mote.org

The latest facts, stats, pictures and maps for the BP oil spill, its size, its impacts on wildlife, and the efforts at containment and cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico.

The explosion of the Transocean Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20 killed 11 people and led to the BP oil spill — the largest in U.S. history — that threatens coastal Louisiana, Gulf Coast fisheries, Gulf of Mexico ecosystems, and perhaps the East Coast, as the spill reaches the loop current.

Here, you’ll find updates about the impacts to animals, fish, birds and seafood in the Gulf of Mexico, about the efforts at containment and cleanup, facts about the oil leak’s size, as well as pictures, video, maps and more.

You’ll also find information about how to help, and about individuals who have dedicated their lives to protecting the oceans from just such a disaster.

The Size of the Spill

5,000 to 60,000 barrels a day: Rate at which oil is leaking from the Deepwater Horizon rig. Some experts now believe that original estimates of 5,000 barrels a day (that’s 210,000 gallons) were way off. And BP says that it’s likely that the leak rate is around 60,000 barrels (2.5 million gallons) a day. (Source: Los Angeles Times)

19 million to 39 million gallons: Amount of oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico in the month since the Deepwater Horizon spill. (Source: Huffington Post)

11,300 miles: The distance around the world the current amount of leaked oil would stretch if it was placed in milk jugs lined up side by side. To quantify, that’s farther than New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and back. (Source: New York Times)

102: The number of school gymnasiums that could theoretically be filled floor-to-ceiling with oil from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. (Source: New York Times)

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Posted by mark - May 16, 2015 at 12:47 am

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Is it legal for high school athletes to have a sports agent ?

I am a teen wondering if it is legal especially in Louisiana to have a sports agent in high school. Now im thinking about becoming one me being my first client and i would govern high school students to get to college. Just to explain a little better instead of a sports agent trying to get you into the pros Im going to be a sports agent that gets you into college and that’s it. I need to know is that legal.

Anyone can have an agent, it’s only illegal when they get money from agents and they don’t report it as income. It would also make you ineligble for college.

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Posted by mark - May 13, 2015 at 11:56 pm

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Grambling State University EA Sports 2005

Here is the GSU version of the EA Sports NCAA 2005 entrance…

Duration : 0:1:15

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Posted by mark - May 9, 2015 at 10:08 pm

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Houston I’m heated on this issue like a Louisiana Hot link. I would like to know your opinion on this issue?

Houstonians are you tired of being stereotyped by the media of Houston being a cowboy city? Well I am we are being stereotyped out here in California about wearing cowboy hats and boots everyday. Not just California but everywhere. I’m come across many people everyday asking me where I’m from because of my accent. They think we ride horses instead of driving cars and we yell yeehah. Out of all the years that I have lived I in Houston the only time I picture this is around rodeo season. I was watching a sports program today and one of the guys was in Houston wearing a cowboy hat. One guy asked him why he was wearing the hat and he said that is what people wear around here. I’m so tired of these type of people giving us this old western type of perception and singling out Houston as the main city in Texas. I know good and well that Dallas and San Antonio have more cowboys then here.

Uneducated, untraveled, close-minded, ignorant people.
Yeah, and everyone in France wears a beret & carries a baguette under their arm.

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Posted by mark - April 25, 2015 at 3:33 pm

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USA Online Sports Gambling Laws

When entering the world of online sports gambling, a lot of us stop and ask ourselves this question, “Am I doing something illegal?” Well in most of countries, the federal government has laws which indicate if it is legal or not to participate in online sports gambling. These laws are dependent entirely upon the country but most of the countries in the European Union have a clear stance that online gambling is allowed. The United States of American has laws that are more muddled and it can be hard to find a clear answer as to whether gambling is legal. Before actually getting into the laws themselves, let’s first look at who regulates sports betting.

In the US the regulating of online gambling was controlled completely by each state, however at present this is not so anymore. With the introduction of online gambling there has been a misperception of authority. Therefore the question is, “who is in charge of making and enforcing the laws of cyberspace?” Now keep in mind that there was sports’ gambling long before it was made available via the internet so the plan was to simply apply these same laws when online sports gambling was introduced, however this was left open to extensive clarification.

Even though the US government has passed several laws prohibiting online sports gambling, the operators of these online casinos have found a way to work around these laws. What they do is, they go offshore to others countries/states which allow online gambling and provide their services to the US citizens from there. I know what you are probably asking, “is this legal?” well to be honest it probably is not but there are no present laws which prohibit this activity, so it will continue to happen. There have been attempts though to pass bills which consider this type of activity illegal, however they have all failed. Even though there are federal laws on gambling in the US, the government has decided to leave all the authority to the individual states.

So in some states online sports gambling would be legal whereas in others it would be illegal. Also, if it is illegal and you are caught conducting such transactions you will be prosecuted according to what state you break the law in. Some states not only ban online gambling they also ban websites from advertising for online casinos. There are only three states in the US which allow citizens to bet beyond state borders and they are as follows, Nevada, Louisiana and California. Most states view gambling defiance as a petty crime and the majority of the time the operators are usually the main focus as opposed to the gamblers themselves. In order to keep within the US laws majority of the internet sports books and their servers are located offshore where they are untouchable. In closing, the US government is definitely aiming to pass a legislation which would better deal with the regulation of online gambling, but because the matter is so unclear, nothing of substance can be established, there is still hope for the future.

Sarah H

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Posted by mark - April 21, 2015 at 1:09 pm

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Inside LSU Football commercial break early 1990s

From 1993, here is a commercial break for Inside LSU Football from Baton Rouge. Copyrights acknowledged. Includes commercials for:

1. 10-K (a sports drink by Kentwood Water)
2. Hampton Inn in Baton Rouge
3. Mike the Tiger Fan Club
4. Assult on Omaha Again (VHS tape for the 1993 Tiger Baseball season).

Duration : 0:2:38

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Posted by mark - April 5, 2015 at 6:48 am

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Cavalier Youth 11 Year Tackle Football 2006

This is a shortened 2006 season highlight video for 11 year tackle.

Duration : 0:7:55

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Posted by mark - April 3, 2015 at 5:26 am

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is it permissible to smoke in public places in Iceland?

traveling to Reykjavik, Iceland this summer and I’m a smoker. I’d like to know if cigarette smoking is permissible in public buildings, sports arenas, stores, banks, hospitals, etc…

I live in Louisiana and a few years ago, you could smoke anywhere you wanted…even hospitals. Now, you can’t smoke in any building that’s open to the public.
Just wanted to know if the rules over in Iceland are different.

Smoking is not allowed in public places in Iceland. There is a smoking ban in restaurants, bars, sport arenas, stores, banks, offices and pretty much all public buildings.

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Posted by mark - April 2, 2015 at 5:21 am

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What’s a Crawdad and do I want to eat it?

My friend & I share a love for sports and food. He recently came down from Louisiana with a taste for crayfish and he went to our local fish market and placed an order for 150 frozen Crawdads. I was filled in as to what they are and I am freaked. Do they taste good? Aren’t the waters in Louisina dirty? Should I stop being such a child and just enjoy the nice dinner that my friend worked his butt off to make for me (and others)? I guess I’m just really "weirded" out and just need a little bit of a push. Please leave any comments bad or good that you have about the "Crawdad".
Thank You.

Kinda like a cross between shrimp and lobster.

They are really good if you like the seafood, and you should not worry about "dirty water" because most of them are farmed in rice fields. When they harvest the rice, they drain the fields and harvest the crayfish.

The frozen ones are not going to be as good as the live ones. The live ones are like having a mini-lobster boil.

Anyway, just give it a try. Most people only eat the tails. Some people suck on the head to get the full experience.

Good Luck.

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Posted by mark - March 29, 2015 at 4:17 am

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LSU Sports

A quick tour of LSU sports

Duration : 0:1:1

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