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Southeastern Sports Report – Show 1 – Part 2 of 2

The show continues with highlights and interviews from the undefeated Southeastern Louisiana soccer team. Plus, we check in with the Lady Lion volleyball squad before their home opener. Finally, we begin our “Learn from the Lions” segment with head softball coach Pete Langlois.

Please note the three-minutes of dead air before the final segment is intentional. We are obligated to leave that gap in the show for our affiliates to run their commercials.

View part 1 here: http://youtu.be/ss5IQbb26ek

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Info about Louisiana?

I may be moving to Louisiana due to a relocation for my husbands job. We are supposed to be moving to the Taft area. Can anyone tell me about the area? Good vs. Bad in any aspect? I will also be moving there with my 12 year old son so any info on schools, sports, etc. would be very helpful. Thanks!


It is in Saint Charles Parish, which straddles the Mississippi River not too far upstream from New Orleans. I don’t think there is actually a Taft town (not sure), so you may need to look elsewhere for a place to live. The Parish seat is Hahnville and it’s not too far from Taft.

The area is mostly rural/agricultural but has a lot of heavy industry along the river. I know little about the area, so here are some links:




It is sufficiently close to New Orleans that day trips to the city are practical, and New Orleans has really a lot to do plus good shopping. The suburbs of New Orleans are closer, and Kenner (where the airport is located) is only about 15 miles from Hahnville.

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Top Ten Moments in Southeastern Louisiana Sports, ’07-08.

The Big Game crew runs down the top 10 moments in Lions sports for the year, 2007-08…brought to you by Allen Waddell.
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Posted by Kayra - May 25, 2014 at 1:36 am

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What Is A Good Place In Louisiana To Take A Hunting Safety Class?

Im Going To Be In Shooting Sports And I Need To Take A Hunting Safety Class. Im A Girl And I Don’t Know Any Good Places To Take A Hunting Safety Class. Can You Give Me Some Ideas Of Where To Go?

Call your local wildlife agency and ask for a schedule of the next classes and the closest one in your area.

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Road to Glory ft Dallas Scott & the Louisiana State LSU Tigers Ep. 3 (NCAA Football 11) Sports

Click here to watch Road to Glory ft. Erin Andrews & Dallas Scott Ep. 2 (NCAA 11 Football) Sports!

Road to Glory ft Dallas Scott & the Louisiana State LSU Tigers Ep. 3 (NCAA Football 11) Sports

I hate the AI in this game =(



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Best State for Sports? Worst State for Sports?

I think the best state for sports is Louisiana(LSU(07 BCS Champs). Saints(Went further then ever, NFC Championship, 2006) Hornets(playoffs, 2008)
Who says we’re all cajuns? Im not.

Cali is overrated lol

my home state of Michigan might fit both of those.

Best: Red Wings, Pistons, Spartans, Wolverines (Sometimes Tigers)
Worst: Lions, (sometimes Tigers)

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Posted by admin - April 28, 2014 at 12:06 pm

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When was the Last time the Saints won the Super Bowl?

Or when was the last time a pro sports team from Louisiana won a title of any kind?

That’s easy >Never on both……………lol!!

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Posted by admin - April 21, 2014 at 8:38 am

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Sports Betting at Lauberge Du Lac in Louisiana?


I live in Houston and am looking for a place to legally put some money on the MLB playoff series coming up. Does anyone know if Lauberge Du Lac takes sports bets?


Hi Michael,

The only "live" sportsbetting you’ll find will be in Nevada, or with shady, back-ally bookies who won’t pay up when you win. There are a few US friendly sites out there that are very reputable, there’s a list at http://dagus-statistics.com/sportsbookreviews/ to help you decide which suits your needs best.

I’d start at Bookmaker: http://dagus-statistics.com/bookmaker/

But Beted: http://dagus-statistics.com/beted/ and Intertops: http://dagus-statistics.com/intertops/ are also good alternatives. Good luck.

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Louisiana Redfish

Cajun Bacon – Capt. Blair samples some of the fishing after Hurrican Katrina in Venice, Louisiana on this episode of Addictive Fishing.

Visit http://www.addictivefishing.com for more rod bendin’ drag screamin’ videos.

And dont forget to catch new episodes Fridays @ 10 am ET and Sundays at 7 pm ET on Sun Sports.

Duration : 0:3:1

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Physical Therapy – Sports Orthopedic Larose LA, Physical Therapy

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Duration : 0:2:4

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