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I find Louisiana is. Not as hot as Flordia in the summer and very few freezing nights in the winter.?

Great hospitals, plenty of outdoor sports, no traffic and our taxes are not bad.

Louisiana is the new Florida. Haven’t been in NO in about two years, but stats show population growing by leaps and bounds. Rest of state is likely going to have a boom in the next decade.

As to reason for better weather, it is in the middle of the Gulf Stream and gets a lot of heat in the winter from that stream passing by it. In the summer, winds move moisture to north into central and southern US.

Gulf Stream heats southern US and Florida, as well as East Coast and Nova Scotia and then heats northern Europe so it is inhabitable all year round.

Not the place to be in hurricane, but that is not a deterrent to most who live or settle there. Culture is fantastic. Perfect mix of people if you like to meet and know new people. Very friendly too.

Hope the climate info helps and the personal observations didn’t hinder.

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Should all sports teams move out of Louisiana?

With all the hurricanes costing them millions why would they stay in that mess?

How much money can a sports team lose before they say that’s it?

Every year they lose millions!!

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Cavalier Youth 11 Year Tackle Football 2006

This is a shortened 2006 season highlight video for 11 year tackle.

Duration : 0:7:55

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Cavalier Youth 7 Year Flag Football Green 2006

Shortened version of 7 Year Flag 2006 Season Highlights. Go Cavs!

Duration : 0:7:37

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Why does yahoo sports not have a message board for college teams?

I am from Louisiana and love reading the Saints message boards. I wish I could say the same about college teams. Come on yahoo it can’t be that hard!!

Not sure about that, they need to step up and get it done.

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What is a C.E.C.P coach?

"Should C.E.C.P coaches be allowed to coach major sports in Louisiana" is a question posted on cajunpreps.com and I was just wondering what a C.E.C.P coach is?

It is a coaching certification.


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Lake Charles, wrestling pay per view.?

Where can I watch wwe’s Extreme Rules Pay Per View in Lake Charles, Louisiana? is there any sports bars that might be showing it? Buffalo wild wings isn’t showing it so… any idea’s?

Just google your local bars and call them and ask

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Buras, Lousiana Redfish

Theophile Bourgeois – Capt. Blair travels to Lafitte, Louisiana for some crazy stick marsh fishing.

Visit http://www.addictivefishing.com for more rod bendin’ drag screamin’ videos.

And dont forget to catch new episodes Fridays @ 10 am ET and Sundays at 7 pm ET on Sun Sports.

Duration : 0:6:14

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Shop XLV.com Raining Oil in Florida Texas Alabama Arkansas New Orleans Louisiana Mississippi FL Rain

Super Bowl Shopping & Sports Memorabilia. Contests, Giveaways & Free Prizes. News: Raining Oil in Florida FL Texas TX Alabama AL Arkansas AR New Orleans Louisiana LA Mississippi MS and Corexit Chemical Rain Methane and Benzene and Tar Balls in Gulf Oil Spill. Toxic rain in houston corpus christi galveston san antonio austin ft worth brownsville and mexico from Hurricane Alex.

Shop for New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Champions Sports Memorabilia, Signed, Autographed, Helmet, Jersey Highlights & Song Champs. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Highlights & SuperBowl 44 XLIV Win Song Video 2010

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Duration : 0:0:43

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Jock Smart Hollinger Sports Fest – Part 6

Jock Smart Sports Festival, Beyond eligibility to excellence. Cajundome Convention Center – Filmed and edited by James J Duhon. Achieving Academic Excellence (Raising the academic standard GPA for high school athletics.) Myron Rolle, Curtis Hollinger, McKinley Rolle, Dwayne Murray, Paul Pastorek, DeWayne Bowie, Rep. Ricky Hardy, Greg Lafleur, Todd Scott, NFL, Janet Hiatt, Greg Davis, Kalif Spraggins, D’Adre Hawthorne, Joe Miceli, Dorian Durald, Ronald Brown, Hai’keen Preston, Marcus Allen, Brandon Shelvin, Ray Authement PHD, Cottanham Cup, Danny Cottonham, Sydney Grider – Cottonham Cup Winner, Southern University Athletics, University of Louisiana Lafayette Athletics, Louisiana Academics, Raising the standard GPA for athletics

A short documentary about the history of Louisiana Football Magazine.

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