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Matt at Greater Gulf States

Greater Gulf States Bodybuilding Show. 6/27/09

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So Much to Talk About: Derrick Smith, Louisiana-Lafayette Wide Receiver (Feb. 2009)

Nabaté Isles interviews participants at the TEST Sports Football Academy’s NFL Scouting Combine Training Program. This program features college football players training to excel for the pro scouts during the combine and their respective college’s pro days.

This segment features former Louisiana-Lafayette Rajun Cajuns’ Wide Receiver, Derrick Smith.

For more information on TEST Sports, go to www.testsportsclubs.com

Feel free to contact Nabaté at nsisles@gmail.com

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Jake Slaughter

Jake Slaughter’s condensed highlights from 9 year tackle football. Cavalier Youth Football. Shreveport, Louisiana.

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Sammy Knight 2008 Highlights :Louisiana Swashbucklers

Sammy Knight 2008 Louisiana Swashbucklers Highlights. The 2008 Intense Football League Champions 14-0

Contact Info: vbryant10@yahoo.com or show_general@yahoo.com

Duration : 0:6:11

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LSU Sports Mix

football, baseball, basketball over the years

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Saints Game from Carnival Triumph

The November 30th, 2009 football game between the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots. The Saints won by a score of 38 to 17, staying undefeated with a record of 11-0. Filmed from the Carnival Triumph while cruising between Progresso and Cozumel, Mexico. The estimated crowd of about 400 New Orleans Saints fans can be seen watching the game on Triumph’s 30 foot screen.

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What do you think about people from Louisiana?

I’m from Louisiana and I don’t care what you say.

Btw I scored in the top 50 on four of the international tests for math, history, and science. So we aren’t really stupid.
We have the most athletic state by stats for nba and nfl and a lot of other sports.
We are way pretty and we do not really have a southern accent. That is a Mississippi and Alabama thing. We have New Orleans or a southern or no accent at all.
Louisiana has the prettiest scenery if thats what you are looking for.
I eat fried alligator and shrimp and crawfish all the time when they are in season but not like you think if you arent from there.
LSU is better than your college.

Great food & music!!!

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Are Professional Sports Fixed?

The first time that realized that the NFL was shady was the Monday Night Miracle when a confident Arnold Schwarzenegger at half-time stated that the New York Jets would come from behind and defeat the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins were dominating the Jets 23-7 at that time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Monday_Night_Miracle_(American_football)

Since then America has been dealt with some severe tragedies, the 911 terror attacks and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. In both events our government received a black eye in a lot of the public view. In 2001 during the time of America in turmoil the New England Patriots went from being a 5-11 (2000 Standings.) to becoming America’s team echoing the patriotism of a nation and winning Super Bowl XXXVI (2002) , Super Bowl XXXVIII (2004) and Super Bowl XXXIX (2005).

I found it odd that 3 of the 4 states directly associated with 911 have all won Super Bowls since then. The flights originated at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts with aircrafts crashing in Washington, D.C., New York City and near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

N.Y. Giants – Super Bowl XLII (2008)
Pittsburgh Steelers – Super Bowl XL (2006) and Super Bowl XLIII (2009).

Now lets turn our attention to the New Orleans Saints. In August 2005 New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina and that year the Saints finished 3-13 the following year they go 10-6 and advancing to their franchise’s first conference championship. Today New Orleans is still trying to rebuild and the Saints are the pride of their city, will they they be dubbed Super Bowl XLIV champions.
Games can be fixed by play calls and officiating, it’s about X’s and O’s. Every player on the field has a assignment, when we think that player missed his responsibility or blew his coverage can we really assess that.

Other Sports in which these states have prevailed:

Boston Celtics NBA 2008
Boston Red Sox MLB 2004, 2007

New York
Yankees MLB 2009

Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 2009
Philadelphia Phillies MLB 2008

Saints NFL ?

The Saints win over the Vikings was the shadiest thing I’ve seen in a while. The drive before regulation by the Vikings, they’re going through the Saints like nothing and then run two running plays where the backs run into the line and fall down, then the interception by Favre. Then in overtime, the respotting of the ball etc. every break in the book, please! Here’s something even more apparent. The Celtics during the Larry Bird era never committed more fouls in a playoff series than their opponents, whether they won or lost the series! The odds of that happening are virtually mathematically impossible. Yes sports are fixed.

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Anyone hear about the young women in Louisiana: mauled to death by her 2 pet Pitt bulls?!?

I suppose ya’ll are going to say they were’nt trained right or the owners were somehow at fault…These were raised from pup’s, slept with them and lived in the house! Why don’t we just permit people to own Tigers & Lions that are well trained? There is no difference! Louisiana KNOWS it’s a SPORT DOG…bred for fighting…but they are just turning their heads to the TRUTH!!! That’s why we’re considered substandard amongst other states. I’m sick of having my animals killed by these dogs; who’s owners allow to ravage the neighborhood by night. I’m sick of Animal Control saying "If you did’nt witness it there’s nothing we can do" when I’ve got 2 cats 30′ up a tree with 2 pitts under them and 1 dead still warm on the ground!!! Now, that’s just plain WRONG!!! What happened to "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"? Oh, did ya’ hear about the baby who had it’s foot eaten off by the "PET" Pittbull?….again here in Louisiana. Hey, I got it! All you Pittbull lovers move over here!

I used to work for a vet. I’ve been around lots and lots of dogs and their owners. Over and over, the owners of dogs I considered extremely dangerous were completely blind to or chose to be ignorant of the potential danger of their "pet". Once a tragedy happens it is too late. Purebred dogs are the product of generations of selective breeding for various traits. For example, every Border Collie I’ve been around instinctively wants/needs to herd, and will herd anything available, including small children. It is so much a part of their nature I believe it cannot be trained out of them. Pitts are bred to be aggressive tenacious fighters. I have never heard of anyone being mauled by a Golden Retriever. However, Pitts are on the news regularly for injuring and killing people. It is bred into them and anyone who owns one should face severe penalties for injury caused by them.

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Felony theft in Louisiana?

What could someone expect as an outcome from an original felony theft charge in the amount of 1000 from a sporting goods store? Also having a marijuana felony conviction thats over 10 years old?
It states that the original charge carries up to 10yrs
Is a reduced sentence to a misdemeanor with some kind of fine and or probation likely?

Louisiana Theft Laws
Theft of crawfish; penalty. RS 14:67.6. Theft of utility service; inference of commission … draw poker devices by persons under the age of twenty-one; penalty …
www.legis.state.la.us/lss/lss.asp?folder=88 – 103k – Cached ~~

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