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Anyone heard of Smitty’s Louisiana Sports Houston Tx?

"Smitty’s" Louisiana Sports Cafe, Old Spanish Trail and Hwy 288, Houston, Texas.

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What would you do if China occupied Florida, Louisiana and Alabama?

What would happen if all your rights were removed?

- You can’t open your own business
- You cant worship
-All American Sports are banned

And if you attempted to fight back, they will bomb your houses and kill your children.

Then they will spread propaganda to the world saying that America owed them trillions of dollars.

How would you fight back?

And do you see something similar happening right now in the world?
Now Read the answers below: Kill the Chinese.

What if I changed the question (hypothetically speaking) if Israel occupied Florida..etc.

Would your fear of antisemitism prevent you to say kill the Jews?

kill a lot of chinese.

also encourage the nation to strongly fund the tibetan freedom fighters and strongly back taiwan.

then i’d sick the world’s most powerful military machine on the fools who invaded our soil and have the invaders physically removed from our soil…


no, if israel or some african nation did the same thing, i would feel the same way i do now. if and when someone invades the usa, that all they are – invaders…

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AT&T Building Mural – Side 1

A few nice Louisiana Sports images I found:

AT&T Building Mural – Side 1

Image by cybertoad
"Shreveport’s history and heritage can also be seen on the "Once in a "Millennium Moon" mega mural. This mural ties this area’s cultural legacy together. It is the largest public outdoor mural in the country spanning some 30,000 square feet on the 12-story AT&T building in downtown Shreveport. On the mural, the Caddo Indians, the area’s military installation Barksdale Air Force Base, and family heirlooms and community artifacts are depicted." link

"During the first two months of the Millennium Year, Meg Saligman and the staff of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council met with more than 75 organizations, interviewed hundreds of individuals about their ideas and heritage, photographed thousands of people for the mural and read every book written about this area!

Meg’s painting plan involved more than 2,600 people! She perfected a “paint by number” grid that is applied to sheets of plastic cloth. Once painted the cloth is “floated in acrylic” on the wall, much like wallpaper installation. Paint Parties were held all over Shreveport! Festival sites, parks, club meetings, art galleries, bank lobbies, and schools became home to paint sessions. The public commitment to work on the mural was awesome! More than 40% of the total mural has been painted by the community…" link

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Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones. Captain Shreve High School, 2006. Shreveport, Louisiana.

Duration : 0:7:26

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Louisiana Power Sports – Haughton, LA

Louisiana Power Sports 318-949-2467 http://www.yellowbook.com/profile/louisiana-power-sports_1847982230.html

Duration : 0:0:36

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What’s a Crawdad and do I want to eat it?

My friend & I share a love for sports and food. He recently came down from Louisiana with a taste for crayfish and he went to our local fish market and placed an order for 150 frozen Crawdads. I was filled in as to what they are and I am freaked. Do they taste good? Aren’t the waters in Louisina dirty? Should I stop being such a child and just enjoy the nice dinner that my friend worked his butt off to make for me (and others)? I guess I’m just really "weirded" out and just need a little bit of a push. Please leave any comments bad or good that you have about the "Crawdad".
Thank You.

Kinda like a cross between shrimp and lobster.

They are really good if you like the seafood, and you should not worry about "dirty water" because most of them are farmed in rice fields. When they harvest the rice, they drain the fields and harvest the crayfish.

The frozen ones are not going to be as good as the live ones. The live ones are like having a mini-lobster boil.

Anyway, just give it a try. Most people only eat the tails. Some people suck on the head to get the full experience.

Good Luck.

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Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade at ESPN Wide World of Sports talks AAU, LeBron James and Chris Bosh

After the Heat gained two megastar free-agents, LeBron James and Chris Bosh, Heat guard Dwyane Wade celebrated at Walt Disney World where he stopped by ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex to play a fun 3-on-3 game with Mickey Mouse and AAU girls basketball players from South Florida and Louisiana.

Hear Dwyane Wade’s thoughts on the Miami Heat signing LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

Duration : 0:3:31

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Southeastern Sports Report – Show 1 – Part 2 of 2

The show continues with highlights and interviews from the undefeated Southeastern Louisiana soccer team. Plus, we check in with the Lady Lion volleyball squad before their home opener. Finally, we begin our “Learn from the Lions” segment with head softball coach Pete Langlois.

Please note the three-minutes of dead air before the final segment is intentional. We are obligated to leave that gap in the show for our affiliates to run their commercials.

View part 1 here: http://youtu.be/ss5IQbb26ek

Duration : 0:12:22

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Info about Louisiana?

I may be moving to Louisiana due to a relocation for my husbands job. We are supposed to be moving to the Taft area. Can anyone tell me about the area? Good vs. Bad in any aspect? I will also be moving there with my 12 year old son so any info on schools, sports, etc. would be very helpful. Thanks!


It is in Saint Charles Parish, which straddles the Mississippi River not too far upstream from New Orleans. I don’t think there is actually a Taft town (not sure), so you may need to look elsewhere for a place to live. The Parish seat is Hahnville and it’s not too far from Taft.

The area is mostly rural/agricultural but has a lot of heavy industry along the river. I know little about the area, so here are some links:




It is sufficiently close to New Orleans that day trips to the city are practical, and New Orleans has really a lot to do plus good shopping. The suburbs of New Orleans are closer, and Kenner (where the airport is located) is only about 15 miles from Hahnville.

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Top Ten Moments in Southeastern Louisiana Sports, ’07-08.

The Big Game crew runs down the top 10 moments in Lions sports for the year, 2007-08…brought to you by Allen Waddell.
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