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Can anyone tell me what school district would my child attend if I moved to Topys Louisiana.?

It would be Middle / High school. I would also like to know what type of sports programs are available.

I’m origianlly from Louisiana and both my memory and a Yahoo seach knew of a place called "Topys". Could you be a little more accurate, then I can help.

The truth is, Louisiana has an absolutely dreadful public school system in nearly every parish. Sending your kid to public school there is like a life sentence, because a crappy education IS a life sentence.

Hate to be so blunt but it’s true.

The State protects this sacred "homestead exemption" on property taxes and the schools suffer for funding and attention as a result. Better find out where you are moving and get your kids in private school….or else!

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Road to Glory ft Dallas Scott & the Louisiana State LSU Tigers Ep. 3 (NCAA Football 11) Sports

Click here to watch Road to Glory ft. Erin Andrews & Dallas Scott Ep. 2 (NCAA 11 Football) Sports!

Road to Glory ft Dallas Scott & the Louisiana State LSU Tigers Ep. 3 (NCAA Football 11) Sports

I hate the AI in this game =(



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where can i go in baton rouge, louisiana that shows Fox Sports SouthWest when the Texas Rangers play on TV?

any restaurant?…sports bars?….anywhere that usually shows the Rangers Games?

Station Sports Bar & Grill – (2)
(225) 926-0631 – 4608 Bennington Ave


50 Yard Line Sports Bar
(225) 387-5525 – 3669 Government St

Ivar’s Sports Bar & Grill – (2)
(225) 388-0021 – 2954 Perkins Rd


Champps Restaurant & Bar
(225) 248-9333
7425 Corporate Blvd


Timmy C’s Sports Bar
(225) 774-0347
11455 Plank Rd

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what is louisiana’s state nickname "pelican tate, or ,sports mans paridise.?

Louisiana Baton Rouge The Pelican State

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What would you do if China occupied Florida, Louisiana and Alabama?

What would happen if all your rights were removed?

- You can’t open your own business
- You cant worship
-All American Sports are banned

And if you attempted to fight back, they will bomb your houses and kill your children.

Then they will spread propaganda to the world saying that America owed them trillions of dollars.

How would you fight back?

And do you see something similar happening right now in the world?
Now Read the answers below: Kill the Chinese.

What if I changed the question (hypothetically speaking) if Israel occupied Florida..etc.

Would your fear of antisemitism prevent you to say kill the Jews?

kill a lot of chinese.

also encourage the nation to strongly fund the tibetan freedom fighters and strongly back taiwan.

then i’d sick the world’s most powerful military machine on the fools who invaded our soil and have the invaders physically removed from our soil…


no, if israel or some african nation did the same thing, i would feel the same way i do now. if and when someone invades the usa, that all they are – invaders…

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Physical Therapist – Sports & Orthopedic Larose Louisiana

Larose physical therapist sports and orthopedic for over 12 years. Call 985-693-7300, Larose physical therapist for sports and orthopedic is ready for you. Serving the bayou areas of Larose, Cut Off, Galliano, Golden Meadow, Grand Isle, Lockport, and Raceland.

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What is a C.E.C.P coach?

"Should C.E.C.P coaches be allowed to coach major sports in Louisiana" is a question posted on cajunpreps.com and I was just wondering what a C.E.C.P coach is?

It is a coaching certification.


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Southeastern Louisiana Sports Report – Episode 4 Part 1

Host Chris Mycoskie talks with Southeastern athletic director Bart Bellairs, women’s basketball head coach Lori Davis Jones and junior guard Kelli Jenkins. Watch part 2: www.youtube.com
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Any camping activities u can think of?

I need three more activities for a trip down the Mississippi river to the gulf
i have fourteen stops and each stop has to have a different activity
i already have
-star gazing
-bird watching
-nature hunt
-learning about survival skills
-learning about animals
-a craft day
- a board game day
-sports day
my last three stops are at the top of Louisiana ,where Mississippi cuts into Louisiana,and where Louisiana meets the gulf of Mexico.

"racing" rafts made of things found in nature along the shoreline
biking (check – many places have rentals in touristy destinations/outdoor stores)

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Lafayette Sports Chiropractor Performs Active Release at Ironman 70 3 New Orleans

Dr. Bryan Boudreaux of Cajun Spine and Sport ( A Sports Chiropractic and Rehab facility in Lafayette, LA) was invited to perform Active Release on the athletes particiapating in the New Orleans Ironman. It was a pleasure and an honor to help Dr. Dave Edwards of Source Chiropractic and Rehab who was a sponsor of the event and in charge of the Active Release part of the medical staff.

Duration : 0:5:34

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