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Info about Louisiana?

I may be moving to Louisiana due to a relocation for my husbands job. We are supposed to be moving to the Taft area. Can anyone tell me about the area? Good vs. Bad in any aspect? I will also be moving there with my 12 year old son so any info on schools, sports, etc. would be very helpful. Thanks!


It is in Saint Charles Parish, which straddles the Mississippi River not too far upstream from New Orleans. I don’t think there is actually a Taft town (not sure), so you may need to look elsewhere for a place to live. The Parish seat is Hahnville and it’s not too far from Taft.

The area is mostly rural/agricultural but has a lot of heavy industry along the river. I know little about the area, so here are some links:


It is sufficiently close to New Orleans that day trips to the city are practical, and New Orleans has really a lot to do plus good shopping. The suburbs of New Orleans are closer, and Kenner (where the airport is located) is only about 15 miles from Hahnville.

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Lake Charles, wrestling pay per view.?

Where can I watch wwe’s Extreme Rules Pay Per View in Lake Charles, Louisiana? is there any sports bars that might be showing it? Buffalo wild wings isn’t showing it so… any idea’s?

Just google your local bars and call them and ask

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what is louisiana’s state nickname "pelican tate, or ,sports mans paridise.?

Louisiana Baton Rouge The Pelican State

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Grambling State University EA Sports 2005

Here is the GSU version of the EA Sports NCAA 2005 entrance…

Duration : 0:1:15

Read more…

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Louisiana Athletics Lightning

large senior team at cheer nation

Duration : 0:2:42

Read more…

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Where to Bet on Sports in Louisiana?

Wondering if anyone knows where to legally place a sports bet in Louisiana?

I called Lauberge Du Lac and Coushatta and apparently they do not.


The closest legal place to bet on sports would be Las Vegas.

Either find an illegal bookie, or use the internet.

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Posted by mark - October 29, 2015 at 6:08 am

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Are Professional Sports Fixed?

The first time that realized that the NFL was shady was the Monday Night Miracle when a confident Arnold Schwarzenegger at half-time stated that the New York Jets would come from behind and defeat the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins were dominating the Jets 23-7 at that time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Monday_Night_Miracle_(American_football)

Since then America has been dealt with some severe tragedies, the 911 terror attacks and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. In both events our government received a black eye in a lot of the public view. In 2001 during the time of America in turmoil the New England Patriots went from being a 5-11 (2000 Standings.) to becoming America’s team echoing the patriotism of a nation and winning Super Bowl XXXVI (2002) , Super Bowl XXXVIII (2004) and Super Bowl XXXIX (2005).

I found it odd that 3 of the 4 states directly associated with 911 have all won Super Bowls since then. The flights originated at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts with aircrafts crashing in Washington, D.C., New York City and near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

N.Y. Giants – Super Bowl XLII (2008)
Pittsburgh Steelers – Super Bowl XL (2006) and Super Bowl XLIII (2009).

Now lets turn our attention to the New Orleans Saints. In August 2005 New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina and that year the Saints finished 3-13 the following year they go 10-6 and advancing to their franchise’s first conference championship. Today New Orleans is still trying to rebuild and the Saints are the pride of their city, will they they be dubbed Super Bowl XLIV champions.
Games can be fixed by play calls and officiating, it’s about X’s and O’s. Every player on the field has a assignment, when we think that player missed his responsibility or blew his coverage can we really assess that.

Other Sports in which these states have prevailed:

Boston Celtics NBA 2008
Boston Red Sox MLB 2004, 2007

New York
Yankees MLB 2009

Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 2009
Philadelphia Phillies MLB 2008

Saints NFL ?

The Saints win over the Vikings was the shadiest thing I’ve seen in a while. The drive before regulation by the Vikings, they’re going through the Saints like nothing and then run two running plays where the backs run into the line and fall down, then the interception by Favre. Then in overtime, the respotting of the ball etc. every break in the book, please! Here’s something even more apparent. The Celtics during the Larry Bird era never committed more fouls in a playoff series than their opponents, whether they won or lost the series! The odds of that happening are virtually mathematically impossible. Yes sports are fixed.

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What is the best sports camp 2 go to?

Im looking 4 a basketball or golf camo or sports broascasting camps 2 go to.

Which are some that are great but not that expensive.

I wouldnt mind one that is in louisiana or around there so those help too but ny are perfect. I also need a website

their is this major sports broadcasting program in So-Cal… i saw an advertisement in an issue of Sports Illustated for kids.

For basketball camps they’re are many to choose from yyear around

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Toughest places to play in sports?

What sports venues, of any sport, are the toughest to play in as the visiting team? Were talking huge crowd support, die hard fans, fan sections, traditions, fan numbers, location, and any other factors that just define "Home Field Advantage." For me, mainly college football and basketball stadiums come to mind.

Ive gotta say:
Death Valley (LSU Tigers)
American Airlines Center (Dallas Mavericks)
Ohio Stadium (Ohio State Buckeyes Football)
Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City Chiefs)
Cameron Indoor Stadium (Duke Blue Devils Mens Col. BB)
Heinz Field (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox)
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (Florida Gators Football)
Michigan Stadium (Michigan Wolverines Football)
Soldier Field, especially in the playoffs (Chicago Bears)
Louisiana Superdome (New Orleans Saints)
RCA Dome (Indy Colts)
Lambeau Field (GB Packers)

ohio stadium
the jerome schottenstein center

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Why do people adress (1)Louisiana State University…?

like Geux Tigers or something.
I don’t get it because I saw that about geaux Tigers on sports center.

It is a word play on the Cajun community. It is not French for go.

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