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Creole from Louisiana or new-Orleans ?

I was wondering okay i’m half haitian i speak creole , french and spanish .I know they have some creole speaking people in Louisiana and they speak french also but you not considered a creole if you are not white spanish looking so my question was :
What is a creole from louisiana person ?? and
Do they speak french or creole ?
Why aren’t the darker Blacks that speak the language consider creoles from there ?
And how did the spanish get involved in a french speaking culture ?
Please enlightin me i don’t understand this matter ??
thank you i was just asking about the shades in complexion becuse i was told only light skins where considered creole there sorry if i offended anyone Thanks
Merci bien mwen parler creole mwe conten conin gen lot moun ki pale sa tou
je parle francais aussi Corsaire

Creole is the non-Anglo-Saxon culture and life-style that flourished in Louisiana before it became a part of the United States in 1803.

Louisiana Creole is a blending of three different ethnic influences: the west European, west African, and includes a significant input from the Native American. BEFORE Louisiana was purchased into the Union, (otherwise before Whites got a hold of it & ripped the defintion apart) Creole was NOT a thing of skin complexion. It was whether or not your bloodline derived from the above stated places. There are Creoles who are extremely dark, and Creoles who can pass for white. And in the past, all were accepted as Creole. NOW…its more a thing of skin complexion. Society has made it so that people only believe u can truly be Creole if u are light skinned with wavy or bone straight hair. But this is not the case at all. The majority of creoles vary between many shades, and those from Louisian typically speak broken French.

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Cassette Culture – “Today Won’t Be As Bad As the Next” (live at the Louisiana, Bristol)

“Today Won’t Be As Bad” by Cassette Culture, recording on 29th July 1010 at the Louisiana, Bristol.

Duration : 0:3:28

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I am looking for Indian museum, reservations and or culture ?

We will be traveling from Memphis TN down to Monroe Louisiana to New Orleans.Friends coming from London England for vacation,would love to share our Native Indian History with them.
I have searched the web and not found anything other than casinos.(unless there is history at the casinos I am not aware of )Wanting a place packed full of history.I want them to leave feeling impressed .Thank you for any help

Here are some links. The may or may not be useful but it was all I found on my lunch break. lol
I think the must see on the list is Poverty Point. That alone should sufficiently WOW your friends. I hope it helped a bit anyway.

Feel free to email if you’d like and maybe I can come up with more.









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SWBTV: Rebuilding Louisiana webisode 1

This is a documentary web series based on a trip 15 students from the Jersey City area (many from New Jersey City University) took to help Hurricane Katrina victims in Louisiana in 2007, two years after the hurricane.

We drove down from New Jersey to NOLA and spent a week gutting homes, cleaning entire neighborhoods and feeding underprivileged families devastated in the Buras and lower ninth ward. We also spent quality time with kids in the “450”, the largest trailer park in Louisiana – named for the 450 families residing there.

Originally, it was going to be produced as a full length documentary. But upon the advice of a filmmaking friend, I’ve decided to launch it online in 5 minute webisodes. This format creates an opportunity to open dialogue about what’s happened in Louisiana and what needs to be done on multiple levels.

This project and many others are just part of an effort via The NOLA Preservation Society to educate the youth locally and across the globe about the significance of music, art, culture and history of New Orleans (NPS).

NPS is already educating children in Jersey City through the Boys Club of America and local schools so that they may understand how Louisiana contributed to American culture, the similarities to their neighborhoods, and to show children how they can express their social viewpoints creatively.

In the meantime, make sure you subscribe to the feed at http://www.swb.blip.tv so that you’re notified of new webisodes as soon as they’re uploaded.

Open up some dialogue on the Louisiana situation, because it can happen anywhere, anytime.

Be well and enjoy the show.

Maxim Almenas


Duration : 0:5:43

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*SHOCK* Louisiana culture at risk? Angry Time Magazine reporter says don’t be depressed about that!

MSNBC, July 29, 2010 at 5:30 p.m.

Rather interesting behavior by a ‘reporter’ who uses BP employees and federal contractors as sources. (at 0:52 in)

(Headline takes place at 4:30 in)

Duration : 0:6:33

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is there any good sources for mardi gras festival in louisiana?

I am president of French culture. the topic this week is Louisiana. i was wandering if there were anything cool to know about culture like Mardi Gras.


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Sesame Street film – Louisiana Zydeco music

Even though I don’t live there, I love this music.

Duration : 0:2:14

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Louisiana’s coastal adventures – find something for everyone

Louisiana coastal tourism offers a unique adventure that is part Americana, and part exotic and wild with a healthy dose of Louisiana culture. Find out about world class fishing and other adventures visit visitlouisianacoast.com today and ask about our Louisiana coast adventure guide.
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Whould you move to Louisiana?

We are a military family about to exit the military due to an injury. SO now we have to figure out where to move. My husband has family in Louisiana & want us to move there. I am a northern girl, so I am a bit hesitant. What are you thoughts of Louisiana? Schools, education, culture, family life. everything things that go into where you live & what helps you grow into the person you are?

I have a child that is going into the 5th grade that is in all the gifted programs & a infant. I just don’t want to make the wrong choice.
if you answer is yes or no, please state why .
I think its northwest LA, Jefferson Davis Parish, near Lake Charles

No, I wouldn’t…

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What is the difference between yesterday and tomorrow?

Dateline : New Orleans, Louisiana
August 29, 2005

When the levees break…
Oh the humanity
Water Water
Where’s my daughter
About my wife
Another life
Now swan song
Homes one night
Construction site
Looting Shooting
History culture
Death the vulture
Memories floating by
Grown children cry
So much lost then
Unknown cost when
The levees break

What a difference a day makes


Is today not yesterdays tomorrow?
EP – Indeed it is.

They should of printed this on the front page of the Times-Picayune,
and tattooed on Brownie’s butt…..

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