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Why does God so hate Louisiana? Why does he keep trying to wipe them out?

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Seriously, Yamster?

It’s 90% Christian compared to the national average of 79%. Those people should pick a new God or something.

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The Creole Culture; Help Please!?

I”ve been looking up the creole culture in Louisiana and i was wondering did they judge by skin tone there? I’m not being racist or stupid; my own great grandmother is Creole and was born and raised by the Cane River but she’s senile now and we’re unable to ask her about the culture and the French they spoke down there.
my grandmother remembers visiting down there when she was a child and said that her own grandmother was upset when she brought her fiance down there to meet them because he had a darker complexion. this was the last time she saw her grandmother alive–but anyway, I would like to know a little about the culture and did skin tone really play any role in the Creole towns?

Have you ever heard of the "paper bag test"? Light skinned blacks used to say to their kids don’t bring home nobody darker than a paper bag!!! Racism is perpetrated throughout the world mostly by European peoples for the benefit of their survival as a "race". Other people adopt the practice as a means of survival of their group as well, including Creoles because they were mixed with french europeans blacks and natives right? Grandma just wanted to preserve the Creole color because of the perceived benefit of having lighter skin in a society controlled by whites.

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John Besh Speaks About Louisiana

John Besh speaks about his love of cooking, jazz, and the state of Louisiana.

Duration : 0:1:1

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What did you think of The Princess and the Frog?

I am from Louisiana, down in the south, and I absolutely LOVED the movie. I felt like it really captured the culture of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. The Mardi Gras part was extremely accurate as well, and I really appreciated how Disney really got their facts straight with this one. The Shreveport joke was absolutely amazing, too! I just wanted to know what people who weren’t from Louisiana thought of it and I wanted to know if they understood the little jokes that my friends and I laughed out loud for.

I loved it! I liked the music and was interested in how it looked like the original Disney films. I’m not from Louisiana, but I did like the cultural exposition in the story. I probably wouldn’t have understood the jokes, but it was a funny movie! The ending made me want to cry because it was so sweet and happy.

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i don’t know what culture i am besides african american?

well i tried asking my grandma about our culture and she said african american.So i said i already know that but am i anything like creole,irish,french,etc. Is there any like website or something to find my culture and if it helps im from louisiana.Thank you

Your ancestors are slaves. African Americans ( esecially in the south) whos ancestors say they are african american are the decendants of freed slaves

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Have you ever been to Louisiana? What is your opinion of the state?

What did you SEE or DO or EAT that helped form your opinion of the state??? What part did you visit? I have heard that Northern Louisiana is not really “Louisiana” culture for what the state is know for. What was your favorite part of this state?? Thanks, any help is appreciated, I am doing research.

Ain’t ever been there

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Marion County, Florida Real Estate on the Rise

One of the fastest growing counties in the nation, Marion County Florida is quickly becoming a viable investment option for those looking for an alternative to costly, crowded major Florida cities. With less than 70,000 residents, the county has nearly quadrupled to a population of 250,000. For the past few years the county has consistently ranked as one of the three fastest growing areas in the nation while still maintaining a diverse community where country life still dominates some areas. Comprised of five different vastly different cities, Marion County boasts a well-preserved history coupled with the vitality of a major metropolis.

Even with its continuous growth, Marion County remains affordable. Modern single-family new homes are priced from $120,000 up, while brand new apartment complexes offer monthly rates starting at just $570/ month. Local developers have caught onto the recent trend of building gated communities, but, like other Marion County real estate, home prices in these luxury communities remain affordable. In fact, in 2000 the National Association of Realtors named Marion County’s Ocala as having the third most affordable housing in the nation.

Ocala, the seat of county government, is by far the largest city within the county and was recently named one of the top 50 small metropolitan areas in the country by Inc. Magazine. Ocala also boasts the second highest real estate appreciation rate in the nation at 25.9%, just behind the recovering Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But the region is not shaping up to be an industrial, urban smog kingdom; the air quality (91.2%) is 20 percentage points higher than the average of CNN’s top ten places to live. And the city is surrounded by historic districts, a national forest, and Florida’s second largest artesian spring.

Among the many nature-based attractions is Marion County’s equestrian industry. In 1999 the U.S. Department of Agriculture named Marion County the “Horse Capital of the World” due to its number of horses in residence exceeding everywhere else in the country and praised its near 50 different breeds. Equestrian enthusiasts can seek employment in the county’s massive thoroughbred industry that employs 29,000 Marion County residents. However, if you keep you with the times and modern culture interests you, the technology industry is also thriving. And the construction industry is one of the quickest in the state, issuing over 200 building permits each month. The new industries mark significant progress from an economy based solely on agriculture just thirty years ago.

Phil Laboon

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Tide of Tears: The Collapse of the Cajun Coast

Tide of Tears is a sobering expose’ of a culture teetering on the edge of extinction and what the United States stands to lose if nothing is done to save it.

Duration : 0:5:29

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History of Jazz, Louisiana

Learn about the unique history of Jazz in Louisiana

Duration : 0:3:10

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What is Shreveport, Louisiana like? I am moving there from Ohio, and everyone sais I will be in for a culture?

shock………Is this true?

kinda but then again not really because a lot of the original people are gone. i’m pretty sure u will see a lot though. the culture is different but it’s really wonderful.

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