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Have you ever been to Louisiana? What is your opinion of the state?

What did you SEE or DO or EAT that helped form your opinion of the state??? What part did you visit? I have heard that Northern Louisiana is not really “Louisiana” culture for what the state is know for. What was your favorite part of this state?? Thanks, any help is appreciated, I am doing research.

Ain’t ever been there

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Has anyone ever heard of the Canary Island descendants called Los Isleños in Louisiana?

I’m a Canary Island descendant of Louisiana and I was just curious if anyone ever heard of us or our culture. Dime la verdad. ~ Viva Los Isleños en Luisiana!

You have a fascinating heritage and culture. The islenos of St. Bernard Parrish can trace their roots in Louisiana back to the original Spaniards who came to Louisiana and before that, Tenerife and the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands were the first place colonized by the Spanish Empire in the 1300s.

Unfortunately, many families were affected by Hurricane Katrina,
as well as your Los Islenos of the Canary Islands Museum.

I thought you and others might like this website.


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Fall in Love with Louisiana

TravelSouthUSAhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/travelsouthusaTravelLouisiana State Parks, Louisiana Culture, Cajun CookingFall in Love with Louisiana

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What Indian Reservation welcome visitors as tourists ,that are not to far from Louisiana?

Not all Indian Resevations welcome visitors and I want to go to a reservation on my vacation and learn something of their culture.I’m driving so I would prefer to be closer to Louisiana. I’ve been to Cherokee N. Carolina and really enjoyed the set up there. someone took us around and showed us around and explained thing as we went along. I would like to learn about the other nations as well. I have tried searching and am not too good at it, so I am at a loss. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Try the Matta’poni Indian Reservation in King William County, Virginia. The Shaman is John Sun Eagle and his Wife Gentlewind. They are a lovely couple and they welcome all without making reservations..(small joke) but, seriously, they are great people! Check out the Mattaponi Reservation online, go to any search engine, yahoo, google, and you will find their site describing their reservation, history, ect..

The Chief is Chief Webster Little Eagle. We use to go every weekend to see them. They usually have other people there from all over the world. It is great, we are originally from new york city, and we have met people on his reservation from Ireland, France, Spain, Peru, England, it’s amazing how many connections you make from people that are interested in the Native American Indian Culture.

Try also yahoo’s search, type in John and Sharon Sun Eagle on Mattaponi Indian Reservation and see if they have another site up. They also sponsor kids from other Reservations.

If you ever really want to travel the distance, try heading toward the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota during the Summer time or during the "Gathering of the Nations" Pow Wow, all full bloods participate in that pow wow, it is beyond amazing!!

The Indians at Mattaponi will give you more information concerning other reservations you may visit and attend their pow wows. usually their schedules are online..just type in indian pow wows and the state you would like to visit.

I hope this info helps you out some.
Good luck on your next trip!

feel free to ask me about more info regarding the Res.

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Louisiana Creole Heritage Tribute

The Louisiana Creole Heritage Center in Natchitoches, Louisiana is asking for a small membership fee of 8 dollars a month to help them stay open. They are at high risk of closing due to budget cuts. Please spread the word!

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Book Signing Events – Sharon Denise Talbot

Tour dates for
Sharon Denise Talbot
Gallery 713
713 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70116: Sunday, April 11, Time TBD
Find more dates at

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The Cajun Culture of Baton Rouge

A feature package for my 4500 class.

Duration : 0:1:38

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Young Wayne Toups In Milton, Louisiana

“1987 Soybean Festival” in Milton Louisiana, clip from a festival in October, a very young Wayne Toupes sings, great then and great now! An extrodinary rare clip from my collection.

Duration : 0:3:48

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What do you think of Louisiana? Why?

It’s my native home and I absolutely love it. I live in Texas now, which is the ONLY state greater than Louisiana. However, I miss the accessibility to the best shrimp, as well as crawfish and gumbo. The people are still friendly, the culture is unique from any other in the world, the beauty of the swamps is mystic and intriguing, and I even think New Orleans is a great city (but a horribly abused one at that, even long before Katrina.)

What do you think? Thanks!

i like Louisiana but if i never see Texas again it will be too soon

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My Louisiana Culture

My Louisiana Culture
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Terrance Simien relates his My Louisiana experience.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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