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Louisiana Culinary Trails – Seafood Sensations

Bordered by Texas to the west and Cajun Country to the east, southwestern Louisiana has developed its own brand of cooking. Rustic, spicy, and stick-to-your-ribs might best describe the food of this marshland. Dominating menus are fried and boiled seafood, pork stew, catfish courtbouillon, rice dressing, shrimp and okra gumbo, jambalaya, wild game, and lots and lots of rice. This trail zigzags across the southwestern corner of the state, sometimes known as the Louisiana Outback, stopping at a variety of crawfish houses, oyster bars, cafes, and grocery stores.

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Spend It All (1971)

The Cajuns of Southwest Louisiana still retain the language, camaraderie and old world spirit of their French-speaking Acadian ancestors. Les Blank’s (www.lesblank.com) film captures the intense bravado and vitality of their lives, in scenes such as quarter horse racing, coffee roasting, accordion building, cooking and eating supper along with the intoxicating music of the Balfa Brothers, Marc Savoy, Nathan Abshire and others.

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From Kitchen 2 Table: Hanlons Crabcakes Mahopac

http://www.LocalPutnam.com From Kitchen 2 Table is a behind the scenes cooking show starring your favorite local restaurants. In this episode Chef James Russell shows us how to prepare Louisiana Crabcakes.

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Join Chefs Adolfo Garcia of Rio Mar Restaurant and Richard Hughes of The Pelican Club as they fish Lake Pontchartrain with Capt. Kenny Kreeger for a variety of fish then return to their restaurants to cook their catch in the new TV show “Bait to the Plate”.

Watch a 6 Year Old Pizza Instructor on the Cajun TV Network, Baby Kade Makes a Pizza Video! See other Videos on Cajun Cooking at cajuntvnetwork.com Contact us at info@cajuntvnetwork.com to share your Cajun Kitchens Cooking Videos!!

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Can anyone share some good Southern Recipes or cookbooks?

My boyfriend in originally from Louisiana, he just moved up here( michigan) a few months ago. He raves about the cooking back home but i have yet to find anything that seemed to have really come from the south ( i mean spice wise and such) I was also wondering if there was any place up here i could find the meat and spices they use because he said when i tried the meat was off. even though it said Cajun. Thank you so much 🙂
Spicyness of the food isnt a problem the more heat the better.

Here’s a link to 57 cookbooks…


This is a link to 770 recipes…



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What food is famous in the area where you live?

I lived in Louisiana, and they have the best seafood ever, and cajun cooking. Now I live in Washington, and seafood is really big here too. Salmon the most.
Oh, I LOVE Carne Asada and Fish Tacos. I used to live in San Diego, and that’s the only place that has those (made right). And orange juliuses

seafood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Louisiana Culinary Institute Culinary Tip

Patrick Ayres of the Louisiana Culinary Institute demonstrates how to peel a tomato.
Meredith Beck-Wiggins of the Louisiana Culinary Institute demonstrates how to destem & freeze strawberries.
Lauryn Leger of the Louisiana Culinary Institute demonstrates how to make pastry puffs with bread.
Chef David Tiner of the Louisiana Culinary Institute demonstrated how to remove a pit from an avacado and to prevent it from turning brown.
Chef Patrick Mahon from the Louisiana Culianry institute demonstrates how to extract as much lemon juice as possible from a lemon.

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alligator bites, catfish, shrimp…. Louisiana cooking…. YokeUp

scared for tuesday weigh in….. God bless you guys

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A bean video Boy

Red Bean & twice cooked cornbread

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I live in S.E. Louisiana.I want to buy the Bell-South cookbook my mom-in law gave me. I lost it in a fire. ?

If anyone could help me find one for sale somewhere I would really appreciate it! I’m lost without it. I learned how to cook with it, not to mention the sentimental value of it.Thank you!

Are you looking for " Best of the Best from Bell’s Best"? If so here’s a site:

If you are looking for a specific Bell South book, try e-bay.

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