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Mixed Race and Mulatto Women of Beauty ( the other People of African Ancestry )

Mixed Race and Mulatto Women of Beauty

Mixed Race and Mulatto Women of Beauty

Mixed Race and Mulatto Women of Beauty

A Video slide show of Our Mixed Race Women who are Equally Proud of their African and Mixed Race heritage..Beauty that occurs when Races Collide..In time Humanity will be as one

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What is the definition of Creoles, Mulattos, mixed Race People: Mixed Race and Mulatto Women of Beauty

At the Congress of Angostura in 1819, liberator Simon Bolivar was elected president of Venezuela and planned a strategy that would free the Americas of European domination.

He also found it necessary to clarify America’s racial heritage: “”It is impossible to say to which human family we belong.

The larger part of the Native population has disappeared, Europeans have mixed with the Indians and the Negroes, and Negroes have mixed with the Indians.

We were all born of one mother America, though our fathers had different origins, and we all have differently colored skins. This dissimilarity is of the greatest significance.”

   The 1920s estimate that a third of African Americans have Indian blood requires new research. Today just about every African-American family tree has an Indian branch.

The number of Afro-Americans with an Indian ancestor was once estimated at about one third of the total. In Latin America the percentage is much higher.

This means that an important page in history has been missing. Three great races – red, white, and black – built the Americas together. Their contributions and their interrelationships have filled libraries with scholarly studies, history texts, and novels.

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Lost Bayou Ramblers @ Louisiana Music Factory 2009

CDs Available @ Link Below

Lost Bayou Ramblers
Louisiana Music Factory In-Store
January 31, 2009

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why there are no major health clubs in South Louisiana?

I live in Texas.. There are as many gyms as there are churches right here, and there are a lot. I go visit South Louisiana and I don’t see a lot of gyms no real major gym that I could be a member at home and when I travel there.

I don’t know wtf that guy is talking about because you didn’t ask how to lose weight.

Any who, I live in St. Mary Parish, we have Curves, Anytime Fitness, Atchafalya Health Club, and like three or four more smaller ones. We do have several privately owned gyms, but our only major franchise is Curves. I think it’s because we don’t have enough population for large companies to put a branch in our areas. Most of our southern parishes have huge area (as in the measurements, land mass, etc) with a very small population.

Here in St. Mary we have a couple gyms that are like $1 a day for out of towners.

Sorry Chick-a-dee, guess it’s back to the good ol’ calesthenics.

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(2) Young Wayne Toups, Plays At “Cowgirls” In The Mid 1980′s

Another step back in time, a nostalgic memory. “Young” Wayne Toups just starting out at a club called “Cowgirls” located in Scott, Louisiana. Although the club is no more, my transcribed VHS of Wayne Toups music (back in the mid 1980′s) still goes on. Of interest to all that love music, to enjoy and for some to reminisce. Keep in mind we did not have the technology that is current of today’s times.

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#22 Oklahoma State at Louisiana – 2010 Football

Highlights and commentary from Oklahoma State’s 58-24 win over Louisiana.

Brandon Weeden threw five touchdowns passes, three of which ignited a second-half rally that boosted No. 22 Oklahoma State to a 54-28 victory over Louisiana-Lafayette on Friday night.

Weeden hit Michael Harrison for a 24-yard score and Hubert Anylam for a 22-yard touchdown in the first nine minutes of the third quarter as the Cowboys (5-0) scored 24 points in the third quarter to take the lead for good.

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Sound-Off Live — Louisiana Ice Gators

Way back in 1996, ice hockey was a PHENOMENON in Louisiana. The Louisiana Ice Gators (out of Lafayette) were drawing more than 12,000 fans per game, easily the tops in all of minor league hockey, and even beating some NHL teams.

During the first season of Sound-Off Live (a Lake Charles sports call-in show running on local cable), we took a road trip to one of the games and had a great time.

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