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I’m a Cajun from Louisiana.?

Just wondering, what is your perception of south Louisiana and the cajun culture? I went to New York about 20 years ago and I talked to people who asked me if I lived with alligators in my yard and if we all rode around in pirogues (small canoes) to go everywhere? What do you want to know about us?
I love all your answers, we are like everyone else. We just have spicy food, spicy music and spicy love lives! LOL
To grizzlyh – Baton Rouge is having more crime than before from all the people who relocated after hurricane Katrina, but it’s not like New Orleans. Unfortunately, N.O. has lots of black on black crime, I’m not making it up, I see it on the news everyday! But, I guess the NO police dept. is doing it’s best to minimize the crime problem. I only go to the French Quarter or to safe places in NO. I know where "not to go".

I figure Cajuns are just like everyone else with perhaps a bit of an accent and some differences in background and culture, just as a New Yorker is different from someone from Salt Lake City. Although I have met and been casual friends with more than one Cajun, I never asked about gators (even though gators fascinate me) or pirogues. I do like their sense of humor and jokes.

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Posted by mark - October 11, 2011 at 6:50 am

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