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Berwick to New Iberia, Louisiana, Route 182 Bayou Teche Time Lapse

Scenic Route 182 from Berwick to New Iberia, through Jeanerette, Louisiana

Duration : 0:10:0

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How to become a legal resident in Louisiana, if I am a legal resident of California?

I am in the military and have been stationed in Louisiana for three years now, I believe I still am a resident of California, but how do i become a legal resident of Louisiana? I just recently brought my brother to Louisiana as well and I am trying to obtain legal residency states on him so that I can file for guardianship of him here instead of having to travel back to California.

Most states require only that you have lived there for a certain amount of time, usually 6 to 12 months, but that will apply to your brother as well. Also, many states have an exception allowing military members to file such actions in the state they currently reside in, but you shouldn’t need the exception having been there this long. The exception might keep you from having to wait for your brother to be there long enough though.

You will need to contact a LA licensed attorney to be sure. Most attorneys in military areas are familiar with these things already.

If you have no plans to move back to Cali, you might need to change your residency status to LA with the military, just to ward off anything that might pop that you have not thought of. You should be able to do that right now on your own.

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Doosu – Louisiana house fire, mid 1950′s

Doosu – Louisiana house fire, mid 1950′s

Featured in DBZ ‘Broly’ movie.

Duration : 0:4:32

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New Orleans – Travel and Exploring

This is the first batch of footage from our trip to New Orleans in January 2008.

Duration : 0:9:20

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Where to Bet on Sports in Louisiana?

Wondering if anyone knows where to legally place a sports bet in Louisiana?

I called Lauberge Du Lac and Coushatta and apparently they do not.


The closest legal place to bet on sports would be Las Vegas.

Either find an illegal bookie, or use the internet.

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