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Varsity Sports “Almost Famous” Shorts Run : 6/6/09

The second annual Varsity Sports Shorts Run.

Mandeville, Louisiana

Duration : 0:7:0

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Can you legally carry a gun in a bar in Louisiana with a concealed weapons permit?

I am traveling to New Orleans. I have a Virginia issued carry permit, and I understand it is valid in Louisiana. I don’t drink, but the business I need to do must be conducted in some of the bars in the French Quarter.

Check reciprocity and restrictions on MANY different sites.

Every state I’ve legally carried in prohibits firearms in schools, the secure areas of airports, public buildings, casinos, amusement parks, arenas with a capacity greater than a couple thousand people, BARS and private property with signs. Many states also prohibit firearms in banks and churches as well.

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World Cultural Economic Forum | WCEF

The World Cultural Economic Forum (WCEF) takes place throughout Louisiana in October with
three key components including a two-day Forum in New Orleans Oct. 30-31 for global cultural
economy leaders to discuss best practices for growing cultural industries; a World Bazaar and
Marketplace showcasing artisans and vendors from around the world in the Ernest N. Morial
Convention Center Oct. 30-Nov. 1; and the Passport Events across the state throughout October showcasing all of Louisianas unique cultural assets.

The core segments of the cultural economy include design, entertainment (film, music, live entertainment, and performing arts), literary arts and humanities, visual arts, culinary arts, and historic preservation.

The WCEF will shine the light on Louisianas cultural industries and showcase its unique heritage and cultural assets while at the same time welcoming national and international visitors for a global dialogue on the world cultural economy.

Duration : 0:7:11

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Life on the Mama Doll

On the show we will explore the “North Coast of the Caribbean” from the Bahamas, Florida Keys, Gulf Coast to the Yucatan. Maybe someday even Cuba will open up for U.S. visitors. With the help of local guides we will catch, harvest or otherwise obtain the freshest local seafood or game and cook on board with the best chefs from the area. The chef maybe a real star or might just be our Bahama bonefish guide’s Mom who makes the best conch chowder on the island. If we had a special guest like Jimmy Buffet we might just let the shrimp boil and drink margaritas, but every episode will feature tasting the regional culture through food.

On “Life on the Mama Doll” the boat allows us to stay in the rich estuarine environment between the ocean and land, enjoying the natural beauty, people and food.

Duration : 0:4:38

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