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Creole Common Routes; St.Domingue (Haiti) – Louisiana Part 1

From the pots of red beans and rice bubbling in French Quarter restaurants to the amulet bags for sale in neighborhood botanicas, Haitian influence is seen, heard and tasted across this city. French colonists from Saint-Domingue — later renamed Haiti — had traveled to New Orleans since the early 1700s. That connection flourished in 1809 and 1810, when 10,000 refugees arrived in New Orleans from Saint-Domingue. Those numbers were later strengthen with another migration wave of 15,000 in the 1820s. The refugees were a combination of French colonists, their slaves and free people of color who had fled the slave uprisings.The refugees doubled the city’s population and infused New Orleans with Franco-Caribbean traditions, including theater companies, elaborate dances and black political activists. Also, as Saint-Domingue’s lucrative sugarcane fields burned during the revolution there, New Orleans’ sugar industry soared. A lot of the things about New Orleans we view as unique came from those Haitian refugees. New Orleans is the most Haitian city in America, much more than Miami or New York. Essentially all of the surviving whites (along with some of the gens de couleur) became refugees. Approximately 10,000 French refugees came to the Gulf Coast larger than the population of New Orleans and Mobile at the time (8,000 and 810 respectively). These Saint-Dominguens made a significant contribution to the Gulf Coasts creole culture. Saint-Dominguens included John James Audubon, Louis Moreau Gottschalks family, and (likely) Marie Laveau and Jean Laffitte. Black refugees to Louisiana brought with them elements of African and Haitian culture in the form of voodoo/hoodoo practices, shotgun house architecture, and the language, oral traditions, and dance steps of Mardi Gras Indian rites.

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I need to find websites on online contests including beauty contests, summer jobs and sports in Louisiana, find all and get 10 pts, on May 13, please don’t give me a bullshit answer, it’s serious, cause i need to get away from all this racket at home during the summer, also to work with kids, arts and crafts, and fashion contests

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T. Lee Horne, III for Governor Music Video

Music Video of the T. Lee Horne, III Campaign for Governor of Louisiana. The music is by Lil’ Nuke.

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Chris Schultz the most underrated QB in Louisiana..ranked 9

One of the most under rated kid to come out of Louisiana and was not given a shot. He was an 3.2 student and also ranked in the top 25 in the state and wasnt even look at by Southern Univ.( Check the Louisiana Sport Recruiting mag. fall 2005 vol 9 issue 4) It did a write up on 17 top qbs in the state and he was the 15th that they mention to be the biggest sleeper in the state. I mean the kids high school jersey was RETIRED at his graduation. I had the chance to get my hands on his highlight film. The kid can play, we WILL hear his name in the future

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Louisiana Girls at Puckers in Gatlinburg

These Louisiana ladies had a Puckin’ good time, and showed everyone how it’s done at Puckers Sports Bar in Gatlinburg, TN

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I want to know more about Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

I am thinking about applying to LSU but I don’t know much about the city of Baton Rouge. I know plenty about the university (of course) but I want to know what the city is famous/popular for, what is the best time of the year to visit, what public transportation is like (how do most people get around) and what’s the best way to get around the city if I do not have a car (or should I just get one). I also want to know what are some good hotels to stay at and in what section(s) of the city. Also, what is the arts, music, club/social scene/nightlife like there and what are some of the local attractions/events? Next, what areas are not so safe and what are the major airports? Basically, I want to know what the locals know about Baton Rouge–all of the hotspots, where to do, what it’s like, why this city is hot. Any information would be useful at this point. : )

I am from Baton Rouge. Lived there for 30 years.

Most people have cars to get around town. Public transportation is not so great there. It may be getting better, but last I heard, there wasn’t enough funds to get the buses all over town. Limited routes.

Some good hotels are on College Drive. (Embassy Suites, Marriot, Best Western, ect.) College Drive of course, is by LSU. Also, there are nightclubs around that area of LSU.

There is the Baton Rouge Symphony, There are 2 casino boats on the Mississippi River in downtown Baton Rouge also. There are some clubs, but they go by age. If you want really young people, go to Texas Club. If you want an older crowd, go to Southdowns.

The major airport is north of the city, off of Interstate 110.

North Baton Rouge is the area with the highest crime. I should know, my ex husband is a Baton Rouge City Policeman. This is the area around Exxon Refinery too. You really have no need to go to North Baton Rouge…it is all residential area.

Baton Rouge is basically a small town that outgrew it’s infrastructure. It is just now catching up to its population boom with construction and roadway improvements. Give it time, and Baton Rouge will be the hub of Louisiana. I truly believe that!

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