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LeRoux – Midnight Special – New Orleans Ladies – Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame

Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame Inductees, (Louisiana) Le Roux performing “New ORleans Ladies” on Midnight Special (with digitally restored audio track) from The Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame.

For more on Le Roux and all the members of The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, please visit the Official web site at and enjoy over 200 hours of viewing in the GALLERIES MUSIQUE Virtual Museum accessed thru .


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Posted by mark - June 30, 2010 at 7:02 am

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Louisiana Cuisine: Jacques Imos

Louisiana cuisine is what’s cooking when Dave Lieberman checks out Jacques Imos in New Orleans, Louisiana — in this episode of Hellmann’s In Search of Real Food series. View all episodes at:

Duration : 0:2:46

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Good Louisiana Cajun Food?

I opened my big La. mouth and offered to cook for a cajun themed ladies night. (with a bunch of non cajuns) It cant be too authentic because they wont eat it. (they wont eat crawfish tails, I just know it. ) I thought chick/saus. gumbo would be a crowd pleaser. I’m also gonna have boudin to serve (cause you cant get that here in FL) Suggestions-and recipes if you would like to share. thanks

I am a LA Native, and ck/sausage gumbo is my fave. Honey, it ain’t coonass unless you do some potato salad and a few eggs poached right in the gumbo. I would skip the boudin only because it makes me sick to watch outsiders eat it with crackers. I have watched this sacrilege perpetrated for 12 years as a Texas transplant.

I will tell you though that outsiders tend to think seafood gumbo is more authentic, and cher, it is much faster to get ready. The seafood only needs 10-15 mins once you get your base ready.

You could have pecan pie for dessert, with pousse cafe.

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Posted by mark - June 25, 2010 at 2:41 pm

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Louisiana Cooking

A short video for cadre14 at Pepperdine University.

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Crawfish Boil from Chef Axel Stromboe

In New Orleans, indeed throughout Louisiana, the principal outdoor cooking incident uses what most of the country regards as bait, and boils them as an entree. A crawfish boil is to Louisiana what a clambake is to New England. This one, at a local golf tournament, is organized on a gargantuan scale by caterer Axel Stromboe. Butane jets generating some three hundred thousand BTU’s, bring a hundred gallons of water to boil in twenty minutes. Chef Stromboe does a little heating himself with spices measured by the handful.

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Can anyone share some good Southern Recipes or cookbooks?

My boyfriend in originally from Louisiana, he just moved up here( michigan) a few months ago. He raves about the cooking back home but i have yet to find anything that seemed to have really come from the south ( i mean spice wise and such) I was also wondering if there was any place up here i could find the meat and spices they use because he said when i tried the meat was off. even though it said Cajun. Thank you so much :)
Spicyness of the food isnt a problem the more heat the better.

Here’s a link to 57 cookbooks…

This is a link to 770 recipes…


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Posted by mark - June 18, 2010 at 10:54 pm

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Where is the closest place to go from Louisiana to play in the snow December-February?

We want to take our kids to see and play in snow for Christmas, but may need to wait until February before we can get away. Time constraints only allow us 4-5 days to work with, and we don’t want to use it all travelling. We live in Louisiana. Any help is appreciated! Tell me of your trip, or maybe you live somewhere and know some secret places that are great. It doesn’t have to be a tourist town. Thanks!

i would have to say up near hotsprings arkansas, maybe branson missouri.

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People from/have been to Louisiana?

I am writing a book about Louisiana and I would love to hear about the climate, culture, and general ambiance of southwestern Louisiana, around Beauregard. Is there a lot of French influence in this area? What about the native american reservations?
Any info about Lousiana from people who have lived or visited there would be appreciated.

sorry, i dont live there, but i know that it gets hits by huricanes alot. and it gets very very very crowded on mardi-graw day.

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Top Ten Moments in Southeastern Louisiana Sports, ’07-08.

The Big Game crew runs down the top 10 moments in Lions sports for the year, 2007-08…brought to you by Allen Waddell.

Duration : 0:4:26

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