“Play me some mountain music” question?

by Frolic

Question by xbCx BeAsT: “Play me some mountain music” question?
Why in this song do they talk about mountain music, and then a cajun hide away? Cajuns are mainly from Louisiana, which as everyone knows, is no where near any mountains? I wonder if anyone else has been stumped by this, let me know what you think.

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Answer by Rob
“Oh, play me some mountain music,
Like grandma and grandpa used to play.
Then I’ll float on down the river
To a Cajun hideaway”

I think he wants to hear the mountain music his grandparents played, then float
down the river (I’m guessing the Mississippi or one of its hundreds of tributaries)
like Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn to Louisiana. There are several smaller rivers that
travel down from the mountains of Tennessee and eventually empty into the
Mississippi River.

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Posted by mark - April 19, 2014 at 7:45 am

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What’s the best place to travel in Jamaica?

Iam from Louisiana and I am planning a 21st birthday party for me and my 6 friends, i need where i can get a good group planner fot the trip and the best place to go in jamaica with all the good stuff like beaches, shops and other incentives. we’re all in college so we love the night life, so im looking for a really nice (wild) 21st birthday party with the works. I am plannning to leave around May maybe the 2nd week or the 3rd week to go …..so help me with good travels deals or help send me to an agent or a site with a good knowledge of travel deals for small groups. thanks

Negril is nice

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Louisiana Travel – Food

thumpstheme1http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/thumpstheme1PeopleLouisiana, Travel, FoodLouisiana Travel – Food

Duration : 0:0:16

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Q&A: good wrestling gimmick? (if i can be a wwe superstar heres my gimmick of choice)?

by Frolic

Question by Undertaker4Lyfe: good wrestling gimmick? (if i can be a wwe superstar heres my gimmick of choice)?
Name: Jonathan Hebert
From: Jennings, Louisiana
Height: 6′ 1″

Nick Name(s):
The Louisiana Dream (Main One)
The Bayou Beast
The Secret from the Swamp
The Classical Cajun
Louis XXV
King of Louisiana
The Rajin’ Cajun

“I will beat you .. within an inch .. of your life!”
“Tear Dat Ass Up!”
“Well beware! Cause I’m the real coonass!” (then start punching into an attack)
Like the Rock: “Cause I’m Straight From theeeee Swamp!”
D-Generation X “We are the second Generation, of Dee Generation!”
D-Generation X “For the thousands in attendance… And the millions watching at home… Whoooooooooooo’ssss gonna get ready to SUCK IT! If ya not down with that, we got two words for ya, SUCK IT!”
D-Generation X “Suck It!”
“Louis XXV, King of Louisiana”

” Rollin’ ” or ” HipHop Zyderock (Louisiation X) ”

Crotch Chops
Ok sign with pinky down.
Jeff Hardy fingers
3 Fingers with Thumb and Pointer’s down. (Sometimes in a cut throat form)

D-Generation X (LX)

Stable Moves:
Snap Shot
Cajundome Special (chop block / spear combo)
Immoveable Object (Superkick / Belly Pierce Combo)

Match Specialties:
Ladder / TLC Match
Demon’s Playground of Elimination (3 Stages of Hell 4-Way Elimination Style)
Louisiana Swamp Match (The ring is surounded with water with mud in it and has weapons floating including: fishing pools, drum sticks, floaty, fishing bucket, white perch LIVE fish(es), worms, and beer bottles. In this match the ring will have all ropes, but they will be covered in wet, slippery algae.)

Signature Weapons:
Signapore Cane
Mardi Gras Beeds

Basic Character
Heel: Comic/Delinquent/Egolistical Heel
Face: Showman/Hardcoe/Comic

The Black Gold (Superkick)
Frog Splash
-Cradle of Louisiana Oil / Oil Drill (Pedigree to double-underhook codebreaker. Note: This is the Cypress Knee Cap to heavier opponents.)

Danger Mode Moves
Passion, Destiny, and Consequence (Dragon Sleeper into an RKO and/or RKO)

Pre-Finish Moves:
Bayou Death Lock (Gogoplata)
Secret of the Swamp (GTS / Neck Breaker Combo)
Spine Buster (My Version)
Rydeem Buster

Creole Strikes (3 Right Hand Snap Jabs, Knee Attack, Uppercut, Blow To Gut, European Upper Cut, “Sucka” Taunt with Big Jab)
Whip to turnbuckle followed by a one-hand bulldog
Knife Edge Chops to ropes, then a whip followed by a running high knee. Then, a knee drop. When opponent gets up theres an elbow smash and then a snap STO.
Face buster to the knee followed by a whip and opponent comes back into my spinebuster.
Upper cut like Kane followed by a Rice Plant (Regal Neckbreaker) and then a Crack ‘Em In The Mouth.

Normal Moves:
Swamp Shooter (Elevated Sharpshooter)
Cypress Knee Cap (Runnings or Whip Into High Knee)
Katrina’s Devestation (Stone Cold Stunner)
Hebert Special (Turnbuckle DDT w/ Running Leg Drop)
Triangle Choke
Face Breaker (1. Pedigree Position, 2. Left Arm hooked under opponents, 3. Spin into a crossface)
Diving Closeline
Snap DDT
Figure 4-Leg Lock (“Nature Boy Love”)
Cajun Call (Spinning Side Slam)
Knee Smash
Arm-Wrench Hook Kick
Deadman’s Soul Seaker / TTT (Dragon Sleeper; Tribute to ‘Taker)
One-Hand Bulldog
“Love For The Deadman” / Dragon Sleeper
Knee Drop
Flying Closeline
Lariot Closeline
Snap Suplex
Released German Suplex
Walls of Jennings (Walls of Jericho)
Upper Cut (like Kane)
Crack ‘Em In the Mouth
Side Effect
Knife Edge Chop(s)
Flap Jack
Back Body Drop
People’s Knee Drop
Neck Breaker
Running Elbow Smash
Sportsman’s Paradise (Handstand on Turnbuckle into elbow drop on lying opponent)
Rice Plant (Masterlock into a Swinging Side Slam)
Dive Over The Top-Rope
Springboard Diving Closeline
Ankle Lock (Grapevine)
Last Ride (Counter to strikes on turnbuckle)
One-Hand Bulldog
Cotton Mouth [Anaconda] Vise Grip
Rice Cutter (Regal Cutter)
Muscle Strainer (Regal Stretch)

Best answer:

Answer by RKO=best wrestler alive!!!!!!!!!
nice u r doing alot better than cena

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Sports Betting at Lauberge Du Lac in Louisiana?


I live in Houston and am looking for a place to legally put some money on the MLB playoff series coming up. Does anyone know if Lauberge Du Lac takes sports bets?


Hi Michael,

The only "live" sportsbetting you’ll find will be in Nevada, or with shady, back-ally bookies who won’t pay up when you win. There are a few US friendly sites out there that are very reputable, there’s a list at http://dagus-statistics.com/sportsbookreviews/ to help you decide which suits your needs best.

I’d start at Bookmaker: http://dagus-statistics.com/bookmaker/

But Beted: http://dagus-statistics.com/beted/ and Intertops: http://dagus-statistics.com/intertops/ are also good alternatives. Good luck.

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alligator bites, catfish, shrimp…. Louisiana cooking…. YokeUp

scared for tuesday weigh in….. God bless you guys
Video Rating: 5 / 5

This is my video response to Gwargwar1981′s cooking challenge. This is how I cook a Sirloin Tip Beef Roast. Watch and enjoy, and thanks to gwargwar1981 for the oportunity to post a video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Looking for facility sleeps 75-100 for a family reunion with kitchen facilities w/semi-priv sleep arrangements

basically central US for travel from Chicago and Louisiana. We have used group facilities at state parks for years, but now that we are older, are leaning more to some privacy at night instead of dormitory sleeping. We do our own cooking and would like a large central area (building/room) for dining and gathering. Our reunion is bi-annually and usually last 5-7 days.

We hold our family reunion every other year and use a church facility. We rent their pavilion and have a caterer come in to serve food. You might find a church hall that could accommodate you. What about a school? We stay in local motels (about 3 of them). Good luck!

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A South Louisiana Crawfish Boil with all the Lagniappe

Here we build a big pot of boiled crawfish and have some fun with the kids.

Duration : 0:9:36

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Louisiana Redfish

Cajun Bacon – Capt. Blair samples some of the fishing after Hurrican Katrina in Venice, Louisiana on this episode of Addictive Fishing.

Visit http://www.addictivefishing.com for more rod bendin’ drag screamin’ videos.

And dont forget to catch new episodes Fridays @ 10 am ET and Sundays at 7 pm ET on Sun Sports.

Duration : 0:3:1

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New Orleans / Sunway Travel Group

New Orleans, Louisiana known as The Big Easy, is open 24 hours a day and dates back to the 1700′s representing more than 250 years of French, Spanish and American culture. Bohemian, opulent, mysterious, historical and indulgent are all words that are used to described New Orleans.

As you walk through the historic districts you will experience the architecture, music, history, culture and hospitality that the south is renowned for as well as the uniqueness of New Orleans. Enjoy the abundance of attractions: Museums, natural history, street cars, historic districts, shopping, dinning, riverboats and Mardi Gras – one of over 600 festivals that New Orleans & Louisiana have to offer.

Duration : 0:2:32

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